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Largest Dinosaur Footprint Found + Atmosphere and Human Survival

Here’s what is being called the world’s largest dinosaur footprint. It was found in the Walmadany area of the Dampier peninsula in Western Australia. The illustration shows how big a dinosaur would have to be to make the footprint.

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No consciousness in control: Self-driving car crash, no one hurt

A car in self-driving mode (the one on its side in the photo) was just involved in a crash in Tempe, Arizona. Having recently driven 18,000+ miles in 3 months … Continue reading

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The $1m electric asparagus  generator, hope or nope?

This turbine free wind generator sounded awesome, but will it work? Let’s play “Hope” or “Nope.”  Remember the fairly recent movie Ant Man? I refused to see it because it defied the … Continue reading

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Elvis met the Beatles

The Beatles’ tuneful creative music got me (and countless others) into playing guitar and writing my own songs.  By coincidence, I have the same birthday as Elvis Presley, as did … Continue reading

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Robots to take 38% of U.S. jobs by 2030s

The rise of the robots is well underway. Artificial intelligence is predicted to reach a singularity, where machines outthink humans and take over.  Okay, here’s what only a few know, … Continue reading

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Wind power without blades

The piezoelectric effect turns physical motion into electricity. It doesn’t generate much, (apparently about 0.2 watts per unit,) but if you scaled it to cover the entire side of a … Continue reading

March 24, 2017 · 5 Comments

Claim: US Navy/NASA secretly has a fully operational Space Fleet

Is this a photo of a secret Navy/NASA space ship?  Numerous claims have been made in recent years that support the result of one of the biggest security breaches in … Continue reading

March 24, 2017 · 1 Comment