Investigation: Natural topcial cure for cherry angiomas?

Posted on 31 Aug 2006


In 2005 I blogged about cherry angiomas. A year later, I have one on my forehead. Laser treatment works well, but hurts, is expensive and increases the odds of skin cancer in the treated area. So I’m going to test some other things.


Miracle Cure Duo supposedly works over the course of two months. They have some nice before, during and after photos. The igredients are essentially the same as Swedish bitters. Instead of spending $37.81 on Miracle Cure Duo, you could perhaps spend $13.50 on the raw ingredients for Swedish bitters (minus the vodka), and make your own. Or cheaper yet, get some Swedish bitters cream for $11.50.

Can any of these clear up cherry angiomas? I doubt it. I can’t find a single testimonial for or against other than on the web site selling the Miracle Cure. For $12, I’ll try it. Ordered! Ordering with PayPal was super easy.

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