Lorenzo’s Oil for Autism

Posted on 28 Feb 2008


lorenzo.jpgRob Nijssen sits hunched over a set of scales in his homebuilt laboratory. He’s weighing out herbs, oils and powders, and combining them with the skills of a practiced craftsman.

With the mischievous look in his eye, he could be a gifted academic, a drug peddler or an alchemist. He is, in fact, a man trying to save his son from a lifetime of pain and suffering. And Rob believes he’s done just that.

Five years ago his son, Frederick, was diagnosed with autism. The doctors told him there was no cure and warned him to prepare for a lifetime of struggle. But he refused to give up. As a fervent believer in the power of natural remedies, he decided to develop his own autism treatment.

In a story that closely mirrors Lorenzo’s Oil, doctors will soon begin testing Rob’s autism treatment in a major clinical trial. It’s a story that will give hope to the parents of tens of thousands of autistic children across the UK.

“Most people think that autism is a mental disease,” says Rob. “But I believe that it’s caused by parasites which take root in the body because of a weakened immune system.”

“My treatment works by clearing out all of the toxins from the body, killing off invading microbes, and then strengthening the immune system. It works with the body to help it heal itself. Once the body is healed, then the brain can start to recover.” Although it’s still very early days, some doctors believe that Rob may have stumbled upon a new and potentially powerful way of helping the autistic.

… As you will recall, Lorenzo was a six-year-old child diagnosed with adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), a rare genetic disorder that affects the nervous system of boys who have the gene. They are in perfect health until they are five or six, when the first symptoms appear. In the space of a few months, ALD robs its victims of their sight, hearing, and the ability to walk and to swallow. Within two years of diagnosis, the child is usually dead.

But Lorenzo’s parents refused to give up and spent years developing a treatment based upon the essential oils found in olive and rapeseed. The doctors scoffed but Lorenzo survived. His parents were eventually proved right when the medical establishment was forced to accept that the oils could indeed stave off the disease. – newsmonster

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