Primordial Dwarfism, Source of Leprechaun Legends?

Kenadie (primordial dwarfism) w Jake Petruzzelli (Achondroplastic Dwarfism) Both age 2

According to

Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley … was born Feb.13, 2003, weighing just 2 lbs, 8 ounces. Doctors were at a loss as to why she was born so small … at the age of 8 months, Kenadie was finally diagnosed with primordial dwarfism, a genetic condition that is believed to affect only about 100 people in the world. She isn’t expected to grow past about 30 inches or weigh more than 8 pounds…. Nearing the age of four, Kenadie now walks, runs, laughs, smiles and is beginning to talk.

This is the most amazing family portrait! As I see it, Kendie raises the possibility that WE are the hobbits, angels, leprechauns , etc. from our own legends! The right two people getting together who carry these rare genes will have this amazing result… which happens about once for every 3 million kids born.

If Kendie were to meet a male with primordial dwarfism, and if they were to have children, would the odds be 50% that they would have children of their same stature? Or… is it possible that two people with the genes for primordial dwarfism to have a human child as small to them as they are to us?

Meanwhile, back down to Earth, as you can imagine raising Kenadie presents special challenges. If you’d like to help you can donate on (PayPal accepted).

Some history:

Caroline Crachami was the first recognized individual with primordial dwarfism. She was born in Palermo, Italy in 1815. The exact history is unclear, but she traveled with a “Dr. Gilligan” with whom she did many appearances and exhibitions in London. Various descriptions arose from these exhibitions. She reportedly knew enough English to express herself fluently and her voice was described as thin and high-pitched.

Shortly before her death in 1824, a journalist named William Jerdan published her measurements. Her height was 19 ½ inches, the length of her foot, 3 1/8 inches and the length of her forefinger, 17/8 inches. Her head circumference was measured at 123/8 inches and her waist circumference, 11 ¼ inches. He wrote:

“Only imagine a creature about half as large as a new-born infant; perfect in all its parts and lineaments, uttering words in a strange, unearthly voice, understanding what you say and replying to your questions. Imagine I say, this figure of about 19 ½ inches in height and 5 pounds in weight, and you will have some idea of this most extraordinary phenomenon.”pd

By request, here are a few more photos I found using google image search:

 Primordial Dwarfism


  1. The Little Angel has touched my heart! I wish someone would find more news about her. She must be about nine years old now. I wish this Little Angel and her family all the love and success they deserve. My wish for them is love, laughter and health. What more can I say …..?


    1. I wouldn’t call it a dis-ease. If you are not ill, it is not…It should not be called a dis-ease. Just like deaf have a different culture, the rarest of gems are just a different type of human.


  2. What a cutie-pie! She’s adorable! Maybe that’s where the legend of angels came from – it’s n easy mistake to make. 🙂


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