An Indonesian woman with metal wires “growing” out of her?

Posted on 30 Aug 2008



Her name is NOORSYAIDAH. A 40 years old kindergarten teacher from Sangatta, East Kutai. Her first symptoms started manifestating in 1991. The metal wires grew out of her chest and her belly. There was no explanation then (or even now). During the first week wires kept falling off from her body and were gone. A month later, the wires grew back again and from that time onward the wires did not fall. They kept growing!

One of her sisters said that she tried to help by trimming the wires. Alas, whenever she trimmed the wires, the wire retreated as if it were hiding and then popped up in another part of Noorsyaidah’s body. –myterytopia

Her attempt for recovery, from modern medics, alternative treatment to paranormals have been done, but still these wires that grew from within her stomach and chest does not dissapear.
Noorsyaidah had also tried going for treatment out of her hometown to the reknown hospital in her town. However, fate is not on this 40 year old woman from Kalimantan, Indonesia, as after these wires were pulled out of her body, they grew again in the next few days. “It’s up to God now” she said softly resigning to her fate. … Wires shape is just like any other wire that easily oxydized, length varying from 10-20 cm and they come in many colors from black, yellow and brown.- myinteretingfiles

This article is poorly written. What type of metal is this wire? Saying “just like any other wire” is not useful.

“There have been 4 Medical Specialists taking this matter seriously and have treated her in several ways.”

A real article would give at least the lead doctor’s name as well. Bad reporting. My guess is that she has some serious mental problems and is sticking these wires in herself.  Can anyone translate what is actually being said in the video? Are the doctors actually confused about her condition, or does she just have a personality disorder?

Mysterytopia had this to say:

000004048100120459501… They looks like a living phenomenon. The wires are able mobile and therefore can change location at will, Thus the doctors are forced to use a magnet to scan the exact position of the wires. The wires bursted out without any symptoms of Tetanus, but she said that they’re hurting her like when needles sting.”

The most logical explanation is that she does this self mutilation for attention. If I’m wrong, I’d like to know.

She says the wire-hanger-like metal has grown, fallen out and grown anew on her body for the last 17 years. She said she had given many of the wires to researchers, doctors, or visitors for research, diagnostic purposes or as curios. The hospital, which conducted an X-ray photo earlier this month, diagnosed the symptoms as “unusual in the medical world”. “We call the wires alien things…. This is really a very unusual case,” hospital director Sirafuddin said. Sirafuddin said the hospital suggested surgery to remove the wires, but Noor declined, despite having pursued a number of alternative treatments to no avail. Noor said that last week three more wires came out, two on her chest and the other on her belly. The hospital reports there are currently a total of 35 wires protruding from Noor’s body. “God probably wants to show His Almightiness through this odd disease,” Noor. –alliancetable

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