Seven Years Healing Cavities Without Dentists

Posted on 1 Feb 2009


Don’t get me wrong. A dentist can save your life.  I’m not advocating avoiding dentists. I’m just pointing out that you can heal (all?) dental cavities without a dentist. I’ve healed nine diagnosed cavities which two different dentists said needed fillings.

I just had a full set of dental x-rays and an exploratory exam and I have no cavities. I was expecting some.  Something I did between December 4, 2007 and January 31, 2009 made four cavities vanish. This time I tried Oravive when I had sensitivity in addition to a good diet. I was unable to get NovaMin without the other ingredients in the Oravive toothpaste, so I used it sparingly.

This is the second time involving four different dentists that I have verified this phenomena of healing four of five cavities on my own.  In 2001-2002 I had a similar experience where I started with 10 cavities and healed five cavities after doing some research and following my recommendations here.

How to Get an Independent Opinion

Part of this experiment in self dental care involves some “forgetfulness” on my part. What I mean is, I suspect due to my personal experiences that if one dentist says you have a cavity and a new dentist finds out the previous dentist said this, then you still have the cavity with the new dentist, no matter what the x-rays say, no matter what the exam shows.  In this most recent case, they lost my dental records from 2007 and I forgot to tell them that I had some diagnosed unfilled cavities from my last visit (same office, same x-ray machine, different dentist). Based on a past letter from a dentist, I believe they are concerned that they will be sued for unnecessary drilling, filling and billing.  In the 2001-2002 case, I went to a new dentist in another town and said I had not been to a dentist in years and couldn’t remember the last one. Forgetfulness has gotten me unbiased checkups of my current condition.

For various concrete reasons relating to my own case, I do not believe either dentist was “making up cavities”. I really had them, and really healed them. Remineralization occurred over many months due to diet and anti-bacterial efforts on my part. (See my article.)

Disclaimer: If a cavity is deep, black or painful or if you have any problems with your gums, see a dentist. An infection in your teeth can get into your blood, damage your heart, and kill you. Get regular check ups and find a dentist who uses digital x-rays. They are much sharper and use much less radiation.

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