Dasani, water by the Coca-Cola company to make you thirsty and sick?

I hate Dasani bottled water.  “Das” in German means “the” and “ani” means “citizens” in Serbian, but “ani” sounds to me like the plural of anus. I’ve avoided this Coca-Cola water for years because I find the taste foul. But the problem is, now places I’ve been getting my bottled water for years have started carrying it exclusively.

Dasani (pronounced /dəˈsɑːni/) is a brand of bottled water from the Coca-Cola company, launched in 1993, after the success of Aquafina (produced by Coca-Cola-rival PepsiCo). It is one of many brands of Coca-Cola bottled water sold around the world. … Coca-Cola uses tap water from local municipal water supplies, filters it using the process of reverse osmosis and adds trace amounts of minerals, including magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt), potassium chloride and table salt (sodium chloride).

Here are some comments about Dasani:

Dasani LogoI’m not sure about you, but I prefer not to drink salt water (Dasani). Water should not have a flavor. ITS WATER! You can’t purify water by ADDING minerals. That’s why I’ll stick with drinking AQUAFINA.

Dasani is hands down the worst water on the market…as mentioned previously it ADDS SALT, they purposefully put this in to keep you just a little bit thirsty (great business plan) and you never fully have your thirst quenched. Hands down Aquafina is the best water available (even as compared to Evian, Fiji, and the more exotic brands.)

Do you know the truth about Dasani? its nothing but ‘purified ‘tap’ water treated with minerals. The cost of manufacturing a one liter bottle is just 0.03p and they sell it at 95p, this means a mark up of over 3000%. Lets not be foolish..they got nicely whacked and kicked out from the UK market. I sometimes wonder how big MNCs like coke have such low ethical values. They are just squeezing out our pockets

Dasani Casues Cancer … Dasani is just lefover water fromt their soda, has Brominate that is cancer causing,

i was drinking dasani.for the good taste awhile detoxing. i never pissed,and when i did it was dark yellow..i thought my kidneys were shot from the drugs i was detoxing from.but it was from the dasani my doctor said. … .you just should not pee dark yellow after drinking 4 dasani;s. ..also i would like to add .i had severe chest pains.when i gulped alot of dasani down. if you have a choice and you need alot of pure water dont do dasani. either get it out the tap.or get pure water

did you know that the minerals in Dasani can cause deposits in the kidneys therefore leading to very PAINFUL kidney stones later on? Minerals such as calcium cause kidney stones and since Aquafina is purified and “free” of these minerals, it is the safer, less painful choice. Tap water is also free of these minerals. If you don’t believe me then google “does bottled water cause kidney stones.”

– via expotv

What is this about  “Brominate”?

On 18 March 2004, UK authorities found a concentration of bromate, a suspected human carcinogen, in the product that could be considered harmful if consumed in large quantities. Dasani was thus potentially carcinogenic. Coca-Cola immediately recalled half a million bottles and pulled the “Dasani” brand from the UK market.[1] Shortly after, plans to introduce the brand to Continental Europe were announced to have been canceled as well. Ironically, bromate was not present in the water before Coca-Cola’s treatment process. During that process the bromate was produced from the water’s bromide. – wikipedia

Jesus. I knew my body was right when it was telling me this stuff was evil. But to be sure… has anyone had a bottle or two of this stuff tested in the US for bromate?

In testing by one independent lab, 1 out of 2 bottled waters tested above the EPA/FDA 10 ppb limit for the carcinogen bromate.  … The FDA in the past found bromate at concentrations of up to 40 micrograms/l — which is 4 times the present federal standard. Food safety agencies should do testing for bromates around the world. In the US, the tests commonly cost $20 to $40. …

If the NYS Department of Health learns of an unflavored bottled water testing over 10 ppb for bromate, it will require a recall. But did you know that to avoid any reporting requirement as to bromate to the NYS Department of Health, all a company has to do is add a flavor to the water? If the state agencies like the NYS DOH won’t make the reports available (by uploading them) — and if legislators won’t protect consumers by having the regulations apply equally to flavored water — then consumer groups or media outlets should test the waters for bromate and publish the results. – foodconsumer

I won’t go as far comparing Dasani with lethal injection, and I’m not suggesting the potassium chloride they add is causing people panic attacks and heart trouble, but do test your Dasani and make a BIG fuss about it in the local papers if the lab finds anything in quantities that are dangerous.


  1. .. I wont drink AQUAFINA anymore after I bought a medium sized bottle, opened it, and found dirt and moss floating around inside (Yes, it was sealed). This site wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but after that one time fluke, I wont take chances with Aquafina. I’ll stick with Poland spring, Dasani, Fiji and SmartWater brands.


    1. Demy said: “I wont drink AQUAFINA anymore after I bought a medium sized bottle, opened it, and found dirt and moss floating around inside…”

      If I found dirt and moss floating in my bottle of water I would consider it a blessing and a miracle. I can’t tell you how many moss laden streams I’ve stooped my face to. My thinking would be “Wow! This is the real deal!”

      Companies don’t need to filter water if the source is pure—and as long as you drink it before the water stagnates, which is difficult with refrigeration. Next thing you know they’ll be trying to tell us that milk needs to be sterilized—despite the fact that people have drank it for thousands of years, and today we have more diseases… oh yeah, they already do that. 😛


  2. Dasani is my favorite bottled water and I drink a lot of it. Am I the only one who is sick and tired of having so much trouble getting the cap off the bottle…and when I finally do, there’s water all over the place! Isn’t there some way to put less water in the bottle and stop all the spillage of water on myself, my papers, my car, etc. I know it sounds like a minor problem but, believe me, it isn’t when you’re the one always getting splashed on!!!


  3. I went to Six Flags yesterday. I’m not big on amusement parks; but my sister and her kids wanted me to come with them… anyway. Coke has the market on ALL liquids there cornered. There is not a single shop there that sells anything that isn’t made by Coke.

    So we went on one ride where you had to work hard to get the ride spinning, and I ended up dizzy and very dry mouthed. So I broke down and got one bottle of Dasani, this despite the bad things I had heard about it. I was parched and there were no options. Not only that but they do not allow you to bring in your own drinks unless you have a medical exception.

    This is what I have to say about Dasani. I have never in my life drank anything that left me more thirsty and dry AFTER drinking it than I felt after drinking that. My throat became scratchy, and it felt like I had eaten sand. I would honestly say that there was some pain in my throat.

    The only two things I could find at the park was beer and fruit smoothies. The smoothies were also mostly healthy, anf the beer made the rides a little funner. 😀

    Today I went online to research this crap, and learned about the Brominate—and that makes me wonder what else they put in it in order to make you thirsty and buy more. But I refused to give them more money by buying a cola to undo the damage of their “water”.

    I will never drink Dasani again – EVEN IF it is the only thing to drink and I will otherwise die—because I don’t see how something that terrible and POISONOUS could possibly save you.


    1. You guys are all idiots… dasani is not poisonous.. the salt compound they use it common in SO MANY drinks…

      And the reason it makes you thirty is BECAUSE it is hydrating you. If you nkow anything about human anatomy and biology/chemistry, salt retains water. Which means that the salt helps you store the water in you body. If you are thirsty then that means that you are dehydrated. It is healthy to have SOME salt so that your body can reach an optimum level of hydration for more than 20 seconds before you have to pee it all out which is what would happen if you did not have any electrolytes in your system.

      I assure that bag of fritos your a chomping on as you ignorantly post on this blog is far worse than the trace amounts of salts you are consuming from dasani water…

      if you are concerned with anything more than the taste of desani then i hope you are a very very strict vegan as well as an olympic athlete to justify your reasons for thinking desani will have any adverse effects on yuour everyday life.


      1. I know a few things about chemistry and human biology and disagree with this statement: “the reason it makes you thirty is BECAUSE it is hydrating you.”

        We, along with other mammals, experience thirst when osmoreceptors on the surface of part of the hypothalamus signal cellular dehydration. We get the “thirst” signal sent to the rest of our brain from the hypothalamus when too much salt outside our cells (in blood and cerebrospinal fluid via the stomach, for example) pulls water out of our cells.

        So, what you are saying makes no sense. We don’t experience thirst because we are getting enough fluids. We experience thirst when we get too much salt.

        As to the “poison” in Dasani, yes, there was once a suspected cancer causing agent in it. “Bromate in drinking water is undesirable because it is a suspected human carcinogen. Its presence in Coca Cola’s Dasani bottled water forced a recall of that product in the UK.” – link.

        Just because the GMO corn in Fritos snacks might be bad for you does not mean you should increase your risk of cancer by drinking bromate. As far as I know, Dasani no longer contains bromate, but I still don’t like the taste.


  4. “I will never drink Dasani again – EVEN IF it is the only thing to drink and I will otherwise die—because I don’t see how something that terrible and POISONOUS could possibly save you.”

    I don’t know, Jules… seems like you lived, whereas otherwise you could have become dehydrated and even had a stroke. Frankly, I think bottled water is just a ridiculous waste of money. When I was a kid, we used the water fountain if we couldn’t get a Coke or a Pepsi or whatever. We would hear about things like Evian Water and just be amazed that anyone was willing to pay for water.

    Air for your tires was also free back then.

    Some things are better, some things are worse.


    1. Sam, I wasn’t dying before the Dasani—and the Dasani made my throat feel worse. I was dry before I drank water – I felt like I was going to choke after drinking their version of water.

      I’ve drank water from all over this world, out of city taps, streams and lakes, wells and mountain springs, and bottled water of various brands, and as a survivalist I’ve drank water purified from very bad water – even sea water, all of which quenched my thirst after purification – so I KNOW what effect water is [supposed to] have ON THIRST. Dasani had the exact opposite effect from EVERY SINGLE OTHER BIT OF WATER I HAVE EVER HAD!

      So what are the odds or statistics on this. Let’s see. I don’t drink soft drinks, which means I’ve drank a lot of water throughout my life. How many glasses of water do you suppose I’ve drank total for a 41 year old man? Now the odds are that number to 1 (the one time I drank Dasani). But the odds increase the moment you consider that Dasani is known for putting… wait, I mean DOCUMENTED for putting poison in their water.

      And you just try to find a water faucet at Six Flags. They want to sell you their $4 bottles of water – do you think they have faucets there? Maybe if I was gutsy enough to drink out of the faucet in the bathrooms, or out of the toilet, or from the chlorinated sweat-water rides. Perhaps next time I will bring my water purifier or some tablets and chance the bathroom water. That’s a great idea.

      I’m sorry for ranting off your comment to me; but I don’t want people getting the idea that a company that is documented as putting/allowing poison in their water in the past is incapable of continuing the practice. Common, they allowed POISON in water and sold it to people for profit—they have no conscience; just a bottom line. The FDA is just in the business of making money, not helping keep us safe, or they would not be allowing sodium fluoride in our drinking water (not calcium fluoride) …and that is only ONE example of what poisons are not only allowed by the FDA but pushed by them. Research sodium fluoride and see for yourself.


    2. And I have to wonder how you could say “otherwise (without the Dasani) you could have dehydrated and even had a stroke.”

      (I had had plenty to drink that day and all I needed was something to quench my thirst; not make me more thirsty.)

      Sounds like something even a medical professional would not state their life on in court.

      But what I CAN do with absolute certainty is go on record stating the effects it had on my throat – and I can add that to what has been documented in the past as to Dasani’s business practices. That can hold up in a court of law. But promoting Dasani for saving lives can not when there is no basis for it.


      1. I think you’re insane if you bought a $4 bottle of water and you weren’t about to die.

        Here’s the thing. I’m no fan of Dasani, or any other bottled water, but I’ve had it, and with none of the adverse effects you describe. I’m no survivalist, either, but I don’t seem to be having any issues surviving bottled water. It doesn’t make me thirstier after drinking it and it doesn’t make my throat scratchy. And, if I were dehydrated, Dasani could save my life, whether you think so or not.


  5. I just think it doesn’t make sense to be drinking high priced water out of plastic bottles. If you have to drink bottled water get the gallon jugs from the grocery store – at least those are cheaper than the 20 oz. bottles. Tap water is free.


  6. tap water is free, but not free of toxic chemicals like fluoride, pharmaceutical residues, VOCs, MTBE, and now, the lovely chloramine. chlorine + ammonia, who would have thought? didnt someone tell me sometime when i was a kid not to combine those two chemicals and inhale?

    RO or reversis osmosis water, may take out most of the bad boys, but what it leaves you with is dead water- depleted of minerals, lacking cohesive water structure and surface tension. when RO water is consumed over a period of time, it will eventually leach out minerals from the body, unless a trace mineral product like ‘concentrace’ is added back in.

    a regular carbon block filter that runs about $500 is easy to install, and does a good job at purifying the main problems out.

    one of the best water purification systems, i think, is the 14 Stage Biocompatible Water Purification System. it retails for $1595, but here it is for $750, a great deal, and an innovative approach:


    to have quality water at home, to cook with and drink, is essential to health. bottled water sitting in plastic is disrupting hormones, adding to our plastic addiction on earth. investing in a purification system at home saves money in the long run, and you are assured to have quality water. which is not the case with bottled water.

    its especially frustrating for me to see people buy little bottles of water throughout their day. its wasteful of energy and money. its mindless. these choices have a big impact on our planet. REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE needs to be taken in that order. recycling those little plastic bottles takes energy, and who knows if they will actually get to the recycling plant. reducing the usage of them is foremost. reusing glass, or stainless steel is a great option, once you have your purification system at home.

    its that easy to have water you know is going to be good for your health, and good for the health of the planet.


    1. Good find. I’ve had water from that same model. Good taste, refreshing. Our bodies are about 60% water by weight (75% when we are infants) so it makes sense to have your own trusted supply of clean water.


  7. When I originally left a comment I appear to
    have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and
    from now on every time a comment is added I receive 4 emails with the exact same comment.
    There has to be a way you can remove me from that service?


  8. I’ve always hated the taste of Dasani and Aquafina, (I just hate purified water in general) but in every theme park, they’re my only damn option! Whenever I go to a convenient store, I avoid Dasani and Aquafina at all costs. My favorite has water brand has been Zephyrhills since childhood. Tap water is okay, but I always liked Spring Water (like Zephyrhills) the most.


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