Dasani, water by the Coca-Cola company to make you thirsty and sick?

Posted on 12 Sep 2009


I hate Dasani bottled water.  “Das” in German means “the” and “ani” means “citizens” in Serbian, but “ani” sounds to me like the plural of anus. I’ve avoided this Coca-Cola water for years because I find the taste foul. But the problem is, now places I’ve been getting my bottled water for years have started carrying it exclusively.

Dasani (pronounced /dəˈsɑːni/) is a brand of bottled water from the Coca-Cola company, launched in 1993, after the success of Aquafina (produced by Coca-Cola-rival PepsiCo). It is one of many brands of Coca-Cola bottled water sold around the world. … Coca-Cola uses tap water from local municipal water supplies, filters it using the process of reverse osmosis and adds trace amounts of minerals, including magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt), potassium chloride and table salt (sodium chloride).

Here are some comments about Dasani:

Dasani LogoI’m not sure about you, but I prefer not to drink salt water (Dasani). Water should not have a flavor. ITS WATER! You can’t purify water by ADDING minerals. That’s why I’ll stick with drinking AQUAFINA.

Dasani is hands down the worst water on the market…as mentioned previously it ADDS SALT, they purposefully put this in to keep you just a little bit thirsty (great business plan) and you never fully have your thirst quenched. Hands down Aquafina is the best water available (even as compared to Evian, Fiji, and the more exotic brands.)

Do you know the truth about Dasani? its nothing but ‘purified ‘tap’ water treated with minerals. The cost of manufacturing a one liter bottle is just 0.03p and they sell it at 95p, this means a mark up of over 3000%. Lets not be foolish..they got nicely whacked and kicked out from the UK market. I sometimes wonder how big MNCs like coke have such low ethical values. They are just squeezing out our pockets

Dasani Casues Cancer … Dasani is just lefover water fromt their soda, has Brominate that is cancer causing,

i was drinking dasani.for the good taste awhile detoxing. i never pissed,and when i did it was dark yellow..i thought my kidneys were shot from the drugs i was detoxing from.but it was from the dasani my doctor said. … .you just should not pee dark yellow after drinking 4 dasani;s. ..also i would like to add .i had severe chest pains.when i gulped alot of dasani down. if you have a choice and you need alot of pure water dont do dasani. either get it out the tap.or get pure water

did you know that the minerals in Dasani can cause deposits in the kidneys therefore leading to very PAINFUL kidney stones later on? Minerals such as calcium cause kidney stones and since Aquafina is purified and “free” of these minerals, it is the safer, less painful choice. Tap water is also free of these minerals. If you don’t believe me then google “does bottled water cause kidney stones.”

– via expotv

What is this about  “Brominate”?

On 18 March 2004, UK authorities found a concentration of bromate, a suspected human carcinogen, in the product that could be considered harmful if consumed in large quantities. Dasani was thus potentially carcinogenic. Coca-Cola immediately recalled half a million bottles and pulled the “Dasani” brand from the UK market.[1] Shortly after, plans to introduce the brand to Continental Europe were announced to have been canceled as well. Ironically, bromate was not present in the water before Coca-Cola’s treatment process. During that process the bromate was produced from the water’s bromide. – wikipedia

Jesus. I knew my body was right when it was telling me this stuff was evil. But to be sure… has anyone had a bottle or two of this stuff tested in the US for bromate?

In testing by one independent lab, 1 out of 2 bottled waters tested above the EPA/FDA 10 ppb limit for the carcinogen bromate.  … The FDA in the past found bromate at concentrations of up to 40 micrograms/l — which is 4 times the present federal standard. Food safety agencies should do testing for bromates around the world. In the US, the tests commonly cost $20 to $40. …

If the NYS Department of Health learns of an unflavored bottled water testing over 10 ppb for bromate, it will require a recall. But did you know that to avoid any reporting requirement as to bromate to the NYS Department of Health, all a company has to do is add a flavor to the water? If the state agencies like the NYS DOH won’t make the reports available (by uploading them) — and if legislators won’t protect consumers by having the regulations apply equally to flavored water — then consumer groups or media outlets should test the waters for bromate and publish the results. – foodconsumer

I won’t go as far comparing Dasani with lethal injection, and I’m not suggesting the potassium chloride they add is causing people panic attacks and heart trouble, but do test your Dasani and make a BIG fuss about it in the local papers if the lab finds anything in quantities that are dangerous.

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