Jason Mraz @ the greek

Posted on 10 Oct 2009


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Visiting SF today. Saw Jason Mraz at the Greek Theater last night. Great show!
If you were there too Friday, Oct 9, leave a comment.
This is the first time I saw Brett Dennen. Good stuff. I enjoyed his songs and Brett really won the crowd over with his unique dance moves.
I also met a subway singer named Jason Mabie who doesn’t have a CD out yet, but he had an amazing voice.  When he gets a CD together I’ll post a link here.
Know of a great new singer/songwriter? Leave a comment and let us know.
Mraz was amazing as usual. He always seems to be adjusting his songs, so I rarely hear exactly the same arrangement.
For me, having played three shows opening for Mraz right before he hit the big time, it is always such a great rush to look around and see how well he is doing.
The place looked to be almost sold out, so there were probably 8,000 people. There was also a surprise marriage proposal near the end of the show with everyone watching.  Very memorable.
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