State SAT scores and $ spent per student ranking

The “best and worst states” web site has some interesting information. It seems SAT scores are not related to the amount spent on each student per state.


State SAT Scores 2009

… Some states have low participation rates and arguably can tilt the field.  …

Top SAT State Scores include Iowa, Wisconsin,

Minnesota and Missouri.  These States primarily have their students take the ACT test so their numbers may not be representative of the entire state.

The Worst States for SAT Scores include Maine, Hawaii,

South Carolina, Georgia and New YorkDC is also very low
… While the quality of education may be influenced by the amount of money spent, spending more money does not insure that students actually learn more. We found it interesting to note how money spent and SAT scores were associated.

… The highest spending state, Vermont, is rated 30th in SAT scores nationwide. The lowest spending state, Utah, gets higher SAT scores from their students and is ranked 20th above Vermont. Far less money, higher score.

The Best State (highest) SAT score comes from Iowa yet their spending of $9,977 per student is right in the middle at 25th and right at the national average of spending. The Worst State Sat score comes from Maine yet it spends the 5th most money in the nation.

With all the spending coming out of Congress, we might want to ask for more accountability on results. The various state legislatures, that are making spending decisions, clearly can not show that more money leads to better results. Check out our previous post on Best and Worst State SAT Scores

via Best and Worst States: Does Spending More on Education Work? State Rankings of Education Spending..


  1. Is the SAT really a valid measure of our education system. What about graduation rates, grade point averages and if you ate using SAT numbers, how about showing the percentage of students in the state that actually take the SAT. Sure, this comparison says something, but its not really saying much is it? The issue of funding education in this country is much more complicated than two columns of numbers and values.


  2. Now there are a lot of sources online. ISEE Test, SSAT Test Score Test Prep. Anxiety, Test Taking, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, BAR, MCLEX, ASVAB, ASWB, NCE, Praxis, Counselor Exam, Engineering Exam, Engineer Exam, Social Work Exam, and more… The students are very lucky. Because of many sources can be easily.


  3. As pointed out, without knowing the percentage of students per state that are taking the SAT, the comparison is meaningless. That is not to say that if more statistics were known things would not be interesting. We all know there are a lot of things in life that are not made better just by throwing more money at a problem.


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