iPhone died, how to bring it back. + AT&T caught in the act of lowballing montly svc chrg

Posted on 7 Jan 2010


I had at least 20% battery life left and my phone just died. Normally you can hold the power button or hold the home and power buttons at the same time to reboot it, but this didn’t work. Even after charging, it was just completely unresponsive. As I was surfing the web while composing my annoyance speech for the unfortunate Apple Care Technicians I came across this gem which, surprisingly, worked!

If your iPhone is completely dead, “toggle the switch above the volume back and forth two times, the hold the main button along with the top power button for about six seconds or until you see the apple icon displayed on your screen the main menu will appear shortly thereafter.” I counted to eight and nothing happened, but when I released the buttons, the Apple Icon appeared. Bonus: “if you did any charging during this blackout period it is accounted for when your iPhone comes back to life.”

So, why did this happen? Is there some random shut off timer to get people in to the Apple store for service so Apple has a chance to try to sell them an extended warranty or something?

The only thing I changed is that I changed my pass code to something very long and complicated after I got my iPhone working with ActiveSynch and Exchange Server 2003 today. How to get that to work is another post for another time.

Next hurdle is getting AT&T to give me the rate the sales people promised. I’m being charged $137.49 Monthly Service Charges before taxes when I was told several times by two different reps “Jamie” and “Vincent” and  that my Monthly Service Charges would be $124.99 for both phones on my family plan.

I learned from my experiences with Sprint and this time have screenshots of both Jamie and Vincent telling me in chat sessions that my Monthly Service Charges will be $124.99. I even said, you know, with Sprint the sales people told me one thing and then billing billed me more…”

And here is the first bill with the Month Service Charge of  …. hmm… not $124.99.  $12.50 more than I expected which adds up to an additional $150 per year. Probably just a simple mistake and I’m sure they will be happy to correct it when I call them in the morning. 😉

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