The UK’s Sun and Daily Mail fooled by iPhone Ghost app

Posted on 5 Mar 2010


We’re not exactly ones to check our sources, but then again, we’re a web page, and if it turns out we write something stupid, we can always hit “delete” and hope everyone forgets about it. (Yes, I know, Google never forgets). But unfortunately for UK papers the Sun and Daily Mail, their idiocy will live on in print for years. Case in point: Check out the following stories both papers ran when John Ware, a 47-year old builder, sent in a pic he allegedly snapped of a 19th century ghost boy while his company tore down an old school house

Very Spooky, to be sure. Yet, as you can see, that mysterious ghost boy is ALSO haunting the 99¢ iPhone app “Ghost Capture“, which allows you to place a variety of ghosts on top of any photo you’d like.

via The UK’s Sun and Daily Mail fooled by iPhone Ghost app : Macenstein.

Good catch by I saw this ghost story a while back but decided it wasn’t interesting enough to post.  Anyone can fake a ghost with image manipulation software like Photoshop. Obviously this iPhone app makes it even easier.