Totally Remove Bing From Firefox

First, set your Firefox start page to “” under Tools | Options | General | Home page. Unlike Google and Bing (Microsoft), DuckDuckGo does not track you.

Here’s how to remove Bing as your Firefox Default search engine.

If you’re reading this article, you probably already have Firefox open. If not, load it up!

Locate your Firefox address bar. This is the box at the top of your page where you type in your searches, NOT the Google search bar that you might occasionally use.

Type the following into the address bar:


Type it EXACTLY the way shown above. Do not improvise or type it the way that YOU think it should be typed. Do not add commas, parentheses or quotation marks. You’re serious about getting Google back as your default search engine, right?

You’ll see a scary warning that says, “This might void your warranty!”.Ignore it, and click on the little box that says, “I’ll be careful, I promise!”.

After you promise to be careful, Firefox will take you to a page full of intimidating computer stuff. Don’t waste time looking around, and DON’T mess with anything!There will be a filter bar at the top of your page. The filter bar looks exactly like the box you use to search for websites using IE, Firefox, or Google.In the filter bar, type in:keyword.URLAgain, type it in EXACTLY as shown. Do not add commas, quotation marks, or parentheses.

Double click on “keyword.URL”.A window (if you aren’t familiar with computer jargon, a window looks like a small box) will open up.Using your backspace or delete key, erase the text in the window.Replace the text with the following:

The “http” part is not optional. Type it exactly as shown above.

Click OK, and say adiós to Bing! – ehow


Updated. If you see no Keyword.URL then get this add-on to bring back the ability to change this. (I swear the Web is going to hell in a hand-basket… and by that I mean corporations are winning over what people really want. Damn you Bing!)

Since Firefox 23 the keyword.URL preference lost its purpose. However with it an interesting feature of the awesomebar got lost as well, because it is now impossible to use a different search engine for it and the search box.If your profile is missing keyword.URL (note the uppercase!) you might want to use this value "". Otherwise every other string that used to work should also still work.The approach in which this addon brings back the old behavior is indeed a very ugly hack (see also the name), so it can occasionally happen that other features related to search break. At this point this addon is supposed the be strongly considered experimental.
Here’s how to remove the Bing Bar:

Did you just open Firefox to find the Search Helper Extension and Bing Bar had been installed even though you didn’t install them? Well, you’re not crazy. Microsoft’s latest Windows Update KB982217 installs these in Firefox for everyone who’s previously used Windows Live Toolbar, MSN Toolbar, Windows Live Essentials or the Bing Bar. These extensions make Bing your default search engine and add other functionality. If you’d like to remove these and change your search provider back, the rest of this article will explain how to do that.Note: This is not to be confused with the Search Helper – Enhance Google extension which lets you open Google search results in multiple tabs.

Remove the Bing Bar from both Firefox and Internet Explorer

(The uninstaller doesn’t give you the option of only removing it from one browser)

  1. From the menu at the top of the Firefox window, select File and then select the Exit menu item.
  2. From the Start menu, select Control Panel and open Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP) or Programs and Features (Windows Vista or Windows 7)
  3. Select Bing Bar from the listed programs and click Remove (Windows XP) or right-click and select Uninstall (Windows Vista or Windows 7)
  4. Follow the steps in the Bing Bar uninstaller.
Note: This will remove the extensions but your search provider and home page may have also been changed. To set your home page see How to set the home page and to set your search provider see Switching search engines.

via Removing the Search Helper Extension and Bing Bar.

Virus: An unwanted computer program that installs itself without your permission and makes itself difficult to remove. Hey Microsoft, if you want to  slow down a web browser, and make it less secure, do it to your own browser, Internet Exploder. Leave Firefox alone!


  1. Scientist~
    Truly an incredible post! I’m wondering why I’m the first one to make a comment…

    Bing just infiltrated FF and installed some junk on it and you totally came to the rescue. One strange thing about the file in “Add/Remove Programs” is that the Bing Search Bar is not listed as “Bing…” it’s listed as “Search Bar”, then after clicking on, “more info” in the file, the software is actually made from “”.

    Anyway, thanks a lot.



    1. In my Add/Remove Programs, Bing is not listed, nor is Search Bar, or anything else that remotely sounds like it is related. Any other ideas for getting rid of the annoying Bing from my blank pages?


  2. Maybe Zacchaeus Nifong is the first but I want to thank you for the post. I dislike anyone intruding into my personal preferences. This is inappropriate behavior from any corporation to shove something into your computer unwanted.

    It’s not right, it is rude and it should be unacceptable. Because of this, rules and laws are created that should not exist if basic respect existed from corporations. They are harassing us with their opinion and software.

    Unbelievable. But Microsoft is a big rat for doing this. It’s a terrible representation from a corporation and poor example to set among young people. We deserve the freedom to choose. I choose people that respect me. Microsoft obviously does not show me my due respect and freedom.


      1. David,
        I use LINUX too, however, I have the same problem. Somehow I managed to get infected by Bing??
        This has never happened before and I am currently investigating this to try and find out why it happened.
        Any suggestions are gratefully accepted.
        Thank you in advance.


      2. I am leaving the message to Joseph. That’s because you probably use Wine application. Wine application allows you to run exe extension for windows series on your linux. That’s how you got the issue. I suggest that you remove Wine application.


  3. Man thanks a lot. You are the man!
    I was in trouble because of this bing thing,
    you saved my life

    Thanks for that


  4. The instruction that you offer do NOT work in Firefox 4. Typing about.config in the address bar in Firfefox simply bring results about about.config.

    Do you have instructions to remove Bing for Firefox 4?

    Thanks, Harold


  5. Thanks, I was able to get rid of the Bing toolbar previously but not the default search cancer. I appreciate the info and loathe all things Bing.


  6. Thank you thank you thank you. I spent half the morning trying to figure out if my blogs were infected. YOu post helped me fix them all. This GD BING crap was making the bing search show up on my WP pages,my WP editors and every time I deleted something from a sidebar the friggen Bing search crap show up again and again.

    While MS might have helped get the computer revolution going by making it easier for people to use these things they have also been so stupid with most of their damned software.
    Please add me to your list a BING HATERS!


    1. Same problem on girlfriend’s computer. I uninstalled “Bing…” from “Programs and Settings,” but problem still persisted. Tried the “about:config,” etc, but problem still persisted. I found the following at another site, but I don’t know if it works as I haven’t tried it on my girlfriend’s computer. If you guys are still watching this thread, please let me know if… 1.) this works 2.) you’ve found another solution and what the solution is. Thanks


      1. Whoops, forgot “the following…”

        You could try deleting the BING search engine by using the manage search engines. To do so, try the following:

        – On the left hand side of your search box click the down arrow
        – select Manage Search Engines
        – highlight the BING entry
        – select remove
        – click ok


    2. That’s my problem too! Using FF 13+. I have Google set as my home page and I followed instructions to the T. The keyword string is changed to the Google string (do I do something else to make everything permanent after hitting “ok”?), but every new tab is back to Bing. When I go through the motions to get to keyword.URL – it’s back to so I have to use my home page button to get Google. This is really frustrating! I’ve restarted FF and even restarted my computer in the hopes that would do the trick for me. Is Firefox in cahoots with Microsoft now? I wouldn’t mind if Bing was any better, but it is a horrible search engine. It gives me a “Whoops” for well-known addresses like Facebook and even this site.

      I’d think that my problem was deeper than resetting a string, but I use AdAware and Norton Security Suite so they should have picked up any nasties, if there were any.

      I’m wondering if I need to uninstall and reinstall FF? Would it do any good? I don’t even know how I picked up Bing in the first place.


  7. Everytime I went to it was trying to force me to click OK and install Bing. I fixed it by going to Tools/Options/Privacy and click “remove individual cookies”. Remove “”. Now I can go to without it trying to force me into anything.


  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I tried many other ways to get rid of this but the keyword.url was the ONLY thing that worked! Thanks so much!!


  9. I have done the keyword.url several times. Bing keeps coming back. Is it piggybacked into my computer on another program? How in the heck can I permanently remove this dang thing.


  10. On the Bing icon in the search toolbar, there is an arrow. Click on that. It drops down a menu of “installed” search engines. Delete Bing (or all of the others). It keeps one. In my case, I left the Google toolbar.

    Then I removed the Google toolbar through another set of steps. I right-clicked in the Google toolbar area until I can select “Customize”. While the customize window is still open, I hovered my cursor back over the Google toolbar until it turns into a hand. Then I dragged the entire toolbar into the customize window. Then I clicked done.


    1. It depends on what you mean by “still get bing.”

      There is the Bing Desktop, Bing Toolbar, the Bing Homepage, the Bing Context Search and also the Bing Search Provider.

      Which one are you trying to remove?

      Are you using a Mac or PC? What web browser and version are you using?


  11. May be his problem is same as mine. The value of Keyword URL resets to bing every time I try to change it. Anyone knows how to fix it permanently?


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