New high-resolution photo of famous ‘Face on Mars’ proves it is just a rocky hill

The close up of the famous rocky outcrop on the surface of Mars which is unrecognisable from the famous 'face' spotted in the 70sIt was the startling photograph that spawned a thousand conspiracy theories.

A photograph taken by the American Viking 1 Orbiter in July 1976 appeared to show a hill in the shape of a human face on the dusty surface of Mars.

But a new photograph released today, which was taken with Nasa’s high-definition HiRISE camera, finally shows the Face on Mars for what it really is: just a large, rocky hill in the middle of the Martian desert.

This is the closest ever image of the famous outcrop which should, once and for all, scotch the conspiracy theorists who believe that the ‘face’ is conclusive evidence of intelligent life on Mars.

Within days of its discovery in 1976, space enthusiasts were speculating that the structure was man-made and had been built by Martians in the distant past.

Today’s image was taken by HiRISE from on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter which can pick out incredible detail from 300 kilometres above the planet’s surface.

The rocky formation is known as a mesa, a large rocky outcrop with a flat top and steep, cliff-like sides.

The Face’ mesa is in the Cydonia region and is a couple of miles long and a few hundred feet high.

Conspiracy theorists insist that the ‘face’ is an A black and white version of the new HiRISE photo artifact from an ancient Martian civililsation and the centre of a Nasa cover-up.

Nasa even added to the theory by referring to the picture’s human likeness in the caption it added to the photo when it first released it to the general public.

The outcrop looked a little like a face, complete with eyes, nose and mouth, because of the angle of the sun and its cratered surface, and Nasa happily pointed this fact out. …

2nd image: A black and white version of the new HiRISE photo, The face is almost impossible to spot in this high-res image

via New high-resolution photo of famous ‘Face on Mars’ proves it is just a rocky hill | Mail Online.

Weird mountain.


  1. Robert Myrland, you make laugh! Sorry, but I do have problem with people, such as those at NASA, who want to convince. They see the world, so it seems, as black or white, right or wrong, true or false. Thus, I can’t help but feel there is an underlying political motivation.

    But, is that how the world really works? Is that reality? Maybe for some, but drugs cure and there is also the placebo effect. The world may be spherical, or is shaped like a pear, but as far I can see it’s flat! Solid matter is impenetrable to our touch, yet it’s made up mostly of space, so we are told. Objects affect each other in certain ways, until we begin to talk about quantum relationships and probabilities. And, I won’t even get into the “paranormal,” which has been scientifically studied for over 70 years.

    There is a story about an Indian who, when was told that men walked on the moon, took off he shoe and held it next to his view of the moon, and said, impossible. The moon is smaller than my shoe!

    The point is we make our reality, and yes even “science,” especially now more than ever before, seeing how now more than ever before it’s funded by commercial interest groups. The problem is not whether something is right or wrong, but whether we can appreciate other points of view. In doing so we might learn something new.

    (Anyway, doesn’t the photo look like it was brushed over on the shadowy side?)


    1. You know, the bottom of that nose in the shadow is really amazingly sharp and symmetrical. The top of the nose looks covered up, but wow… The more I look at this close up, the more it seems like there IS a face. It would be great if it was a massive artwork from a lost civilization. Did our own ancestors make it before they came here and built the pyramids? Fun stuff.


  2. You know, Xeno, Nature Magazine has an article coming up about the disappearance of the phytoplankton in the world’s oceans. Investigators have discovered that since 1950s forty percent of the these microscopic organisms have disappeared from the world’s oceans. And, these photosynthetic organisms are responsible for about 50% of the world’s atmospheric oxygen. And, seeing how another large percentage of atmospheric oxygen is due to the world’s forests, which are also disappearing, we must just as well predict humanity’s end in the not too remotely distant future.

    So, what do you say that we start a humongous project to build an image of our likeness as the ancient Martians may have done, when they realized their end was inevitable? Maybe in thousands of years some galactic exploring archeologists will some day visit earth and see our monument to ourselves?


  3. First you have it upside down dah

    Second this Hi Res pic is so big it is like looking at an Elephants toe nail. Really what did we expect to see Amuns phone number
    Check this out anyway true face of Mars make any kind of comment.

    One half of my mesa is fake right what about the other half.
    And so it starts again more funding for NASA.

    ps I like NASA. 😛


  4. A little known fact about the Mars face is that as the planet rotates and the shadows move, the mouth appears to mouth the words “Go home Earthlings”


  5. HAHAHAHAHA What a Joke!!

    Everyone knows NASA stands for ‘Never A Straight Answer’
    Anyone who still believes NASA has their head in the clouds.
    Classic NASA/JPL propaganda to keep you in the dark!

    Statistical analysis based on the location, size and orientation of the facial features conclude that the odds of it being a natural occurrence are 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000:1 (100 billion billion to 1) – extremely unlikely and extremely improbable.

    I suppose the fact that its situated next to some pyramids isn’t going to persuade you into seeing the truth either?


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