Did secret government radar cause the UFO crash at Roswell?

Posted on 2 Aug 2010


I have an interest in the Roswell story for several reasons. A few years ago, after getting some “inside information” I traveled to Roswell with a reporter and checked this out for myself. Years later, Roswell researcher Anthony Bragalia contacted me and corroborated what I’d discovered. I’m still not convinced aliens are the answer, but I’m convinced that some believe there were credible eye-witnesses who saw aliens. Aliens, our government, Russians, Germans, some other government, whatever you believe, here is a possible answer for what caused the crash near what was at the time, the only place in the world with an atom bomb: experimental radar.



… Many rightly wonder why an ET vehicle with the ability to traverse light years through the cosmos would arrive all the way to Earth – only to crash in New Mexico. How is it that an interplanetary people with such advanced aerial technology could come to such grief on the July-baked desert floor?

… Little known is that the US Government at that time had maintained an interconnected “beyond the fence” radar network. This secret network had served two purposes. It had helped to protect White Sands Proving Ground, Sandia National Lab and Los Alamos National Lab from aerial intrusion. It was also used for the “far-field” tracking of missiles launched from White Sands. Errant V-2’s as early as May of 1947 had crashed their way to Mexico. There was no way that wayward rocket launches could ever get into the hands of civilians or foreign nationals. And our national laboratories needed to be protected from any possible foreign strikes from the air. This covert “outside the fence” radar program helped to provide maximum coverage as it monitored these vitally important skies.

Some of these radar facilities were mobile, highly experimental and lacked more exact “control” of beam path and range. Some of their designs did not have the quality to “contain the energy” as more permanent installations did. If such radar beams played a role in the crash, the radar operators likely did not know that the radar had helped to bring down the craft. The radar was not meant to be used as a weapon. It was an unwitting and non-offensive event. Otherwise, military would surely have gotten to the craft before civilians Mack Brazel and Dee Proctor did- and they would not have had to have been alerted by Brazel to the crash.

The radar project involved highly-classified radar installations that were located at remote off-sites. Towers and arrays were sometimes even sited on private property. Area ranchers and locals knew of the existence of these radar installations (usually hidden in wooded or hilly areas) but said nothing out of a sense of patriotic duty and perhaps through financial inducements. This is a little discussed piece of post WWII history – even by military historians.

Such radar systems were found in places like tiny El Vado, NM. One was called “The Continental Divide.” There was a radar station located just north of US 60 about 45 miles west of Socorro. Another site was a radar tower on the road to the spread of NM rancher Marvin Ake, 10 miles south of State Rd. 60 between Magdelena and Datil. Yet another was near Oscura Park, some miles just outside of White Sands itself.

Given how we know that UFOs are reported to be able to disrupt our cars, TVs and radios through their emanated frequencies and radiations – isn’t it possible that the reverse could be true? Could our technology have (in some as yet unknown way) affected their technology? According to a treatise entitled “Electromagnetic Compatibility“: “After World War II the military became increasingly concerned with the effects of nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP), lightning strike and even high-powered radar beams on mobile vehicles of all kinds and especially on aircraft electrical systems.”

Could a unique and dynamic interplay of lightning, powerful radar beams and the ET craft’s own generated energy field have in some way brought it down?  … – link