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Mass Extinctions “Change the Rules of Evolution”

A reinterpretation of the fossil record suggests a new answer to one of evolution’s existential questions: whether global mass extinctions are just short-term diversions in life’s preordained course, or send … Continue reading

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Exotic New Mars Images From Orbiting Telephoto Studio

A new batch of sharp Martian close-ups from NASA’s HiRISE camera were released on Sept. 1. HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) has been circling Mars on the Mars Reconnaissance … Continue reading

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Earth and Moon as viewed from the planet Mercury

What does Earth look like from the planet Mercury? The robotic spacecraft MESSENGER found out as it looked toward the Earth during its closest approach to the Sun about three … Continue reading

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Recipe for water: Just add starlight

ESA’s Herschel infrared space observatory has discovered that ultraviolet starlight is the key ingredient for making water in space. It is the only explanation for why a dying star is … Continue reading

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How Billy Meier hoaxed his UFO videos

It’s only a model.

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Triangulum galaxy a city of stars

In a new picture, hundreds of young, bright stars heat up the gases of the Triangulum galaxy, creating a distinctive red glow. The image is being billed as the sharpest … Continue reading

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NASA Aims to Plunge Car-Sized Probe Into the Sun

NASA is developing an ambitious new mission to plunge a car-sized probe directly into the sun’s atmosphere, boldly going where no spacecraft has gone before.The spacecraft, called Solar Probe Plus, … Continue reading

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