1960s Recording of former USAF Intelligence Chief: Aliens have “blended in” to our society to learn about us

Another interesting find by Anthony Bragalia. In this article, government-officials-caught-on-tape, a tape is revealed (MP3 available) with retired USAF Col. Howard Wright stating:

“I was in Intelligence for a long time, military intelligence. I was in the War. It is logical, not just military thinking, but as logical thinking, that there was never a successful military occupation or adventure where prior to the invasion or prior to the mass landing there were not agents sent ahead. This is standard practice. In Germany we and the British inserted Americans and we inserted British who looked like the Germans and spoke their language. In Japan we inserted them, but we had agents in their country exactly the same as we have agents behind the Iron Curtain now.

The main purpose of these people is to be as exactly like the natives as possible and yet the fact of life, the fact of military logic, the fact of cultural logic -and especially since they have not been hostile – dictates that there would be, if they are humanoid , that there can be humanoids picked out since the range of size and shape and color on this planet covers almost the entire spectrum.

β€œIt almost dictates the fact that there would be agents of the space people, wherever they come from, living among us at the present time and having been here over the last hundred years.”

Was he speaking speculatively, or is this a revelation that aliens have been among us for a long time?



  1. Excuse me, Xeno, dare I be so crude to say this, but the photo you [?] chose to represent an alien to “blend” into a group of humans isn’t – how should I say this – isn’t a good choice. I think the image in the photo might be spotted in a crowd of humans from several meters off as being, at least, different.

    But, then, on second thought:

    Speaking of infiltrating the human community, the well-known UFO researcher as well as physician-psychiatrist, Herbert Hopkins, and his daughter-in-law had quite interesting experiences with entities that could only be described as … well, at least, very strange, if not “alien,” in the most extreme sense of the word.

    An “alien” male arrived to Dr. Hopkins’ front door early one evening when he happened to be alone. The man was dressed in an immaculate, unwrinkled black suit, black tie and shoes, but was completely hairless, even without eyebrows. His skin was “dead white” and his lips were bright red. During the course of the short meeting the man wiped his lips with his suede glove, which he was wearing, and Dr. Hopkins was “astonished” to see a bit of, what appeared to be, lipstick had stained the glove.

    Only a few days later Dr. Hopkins’ daughter-in-law, Maureen, was visited a very strange couple, a man and woman. They appeared to be in their 30s and wore, what was described as, “old fashion” clothes. The woman seemed anatomically unusual in that her breasts were set lower on her torso than normal. And, there was also something odd about the way her legs were attached to her hips. Both the man and woman took very short steps as they walked.

    The couple said that they had an appointment to meet Maureen’s husband who was not home at the time. They asked if they could wait for him in Maureen’s home. Maureen cordially agreed. And, she offered them Coca-cola, which they accepted, but did not drink. While they sat on a couch in Maureen’s living room the male began asking Maureen some weird questions: if Maureen and her husband watched television often, did they read a lot, what did they talk about. At the same time, as he was asking these questions, the man was “pawing and fondling” his female companion and even asked if it was all right to do so. Then, after a short while, the woman stood up and announced that she wanted to leave. The couple then walked in a straight line toward the front door and left, never to be heard from again.

    Curious, huh?

    [From “Agents of the Dark” in Unexplained Mysteries, 1981: 526-27]


  2. Gotta wonder what was really happening during the Norwood Ohio UFO incident of 1949, which in fact actually took place just south of Wright Patterson AFB, in which an enormous ‘mother ship’ hovered over the area for several months emitting streams of small satellite objects. What kind of ET operation would require a time period of several months to complete? Maybe, just maybe, infiltration of the local natives for the purpose of monitoring the back-engineering program at the Air Force base.


  3. We are Aliens just depends how deep the strain is that makes up your DNA, how close to the original maker you are the more advanced you can be.


    1. Space travel is dangerous and takes a long time. Aliens may have solved the problems of finding new habitable planets by shrinking their spaceships down to the size of bacteria.

      Bacteria can survive journeys of millions of years in space.

      Could intelligent life be so small? Yes, at least in seed form. A human sperm cell contains the entire genetic blueprint for a human being. We all started life as something about the size of a bacterium.

      I believe life on earth was seeded from space, that our creator is a highly advanced spore spreading alien race.

      Another possibility is that self replicating primordial bacteria happened by accident. In either case, the microbes spread via comets where there is water, heat from radioactivity and needed nutrients.

      Upon hitting a planet like ours where the initial conditions are passable, they then adapt to survive on the local resources, terraforming the world step by step until it can support beings like the original intelligent aliens. We may be part of the plan, following a deep instinct to ‘phone home’ as we send signals into space and attempt to contact our creator.


      1. I believe it to be an advanced race of bio engineers that created life on habital planets in order to make sure that the universe can grow with sentient beings. Basically creating children in their image to train them to. Grow and not make the same mistakes they made.


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