Three Breasted Women, Fact or Fiction?

In structural anomalies or anatomic variants of the breast, the presence of a supernumerary nipple is more common than the presence of supernumerary breast tissue with or without an associated nipple-areolar. Accessory mammary tissue is more common in women 2 to 6 percent than in men 1 percent.1 Incidence also varies among ethnic groups; accessory mammary tissue is more common in Asian women than in black or white women

via Photo Quiz – May 1, 2000 – American Academy of Family Physicians.

Accessory breasts, also known as polymastia, supernumerary breasts, or mammae erraticae, is the condition of having an additionalbreast. Extra breasts may appear with or without nipples or areolae. … In some cases, the accessory breast may not be visible at the surface. In these cases, it may be possible to distinguish their appearance from normal breast tissue with MRI. In other cases, accessory breasts have been known to lactate, as illustrated in a woodcut showing a child nursing at ectopic breast tissue on the lateral thigh …Polymastia results from the eruption of extra breasts usually along the milk line that extends from axillae to groin. While the location of this tissue is established during embryonic development, it may not become apparent or troublesome until puberty or lactation. In extremely rare cases, extra breasts may appear ectopically on the neck, face, upper arm, shoulder, back, buttock, hip, vulva, perineum, thigh, or even foot.

via Wikipedia

The photo above is the real deal. I’m told there is a porn video of actress “Taylor Chanel” with three breasts. She claims in the video to have been born with three. Here are a few stills:



The makeup job and prosthesis are very good, excellent blending to match her own skin, but she never had three  breasts before that video. She’s made other videos and she has only two. Here is a photo of Taylor.

So, myth busted … pardon the pun. Who can dig up the real name of the model in the following photo?


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    4. It’s 2013 and nothing happened. Nothing will happen… you believers have been saying this for thousands of years. A little more science and a little less make-believe will do you good. And in your case I’d recommend going back to school.


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    1. It was in a video, so it is not a camera trick, unless it is a cgi video trick, but I think it is a movie quality special effects prosthetic device…which should make some women who have had mastectomies due to cancer ask for details.


  2. guys watch this video. It is of taylor Chanel. She has only two breasts.

    [Link to porn site removed. – Management]


  3. it’s like….i want to be angry when people say ignorant things, but then i look up & realize we’re all looking up women with 3 boobs…….


  4. dont know whether the girl wid three breast is true or not … if its true,its jus amazing bt still she is a human being like everyone else. if thats true ,i juz wanna know ,is she happy wid it or not. if its not true or done by surgery ,then i want to say ( dont ) ….


  5. most unfortunately I have whatever the hell this is. I have it under my left breast. i thought I got cut because at first it was just an indentented purple thing under my boob. Now it appears to be getting more pronounce. It’s a nipple alright. gets hard, but it has no feeling to it. Unless I like, scrape it with a needle, which I have done. It’s also like, meatier around the nipple, I can cover it with a bra, but I think Ill get surgery as soon as possible. I dont like this about me =(


  6. From a biological, scientific point of view, yes this is more than possible. Many woman (and guys) have something called ‘supermammory tissue’ or an ‘extra breast’ although most of us do not notice, some people may have an extra nipple toward their armpit, below or in between the breasts, or even further down on the stomach, basically a breast can form anywhere on the body in utero. Some women don’t pick up on the extra tissue until they begin doing self exams, and it can be a cause for concern as it can feel like a lump or swelling, which is quickly dispelled by visiting a doctor. It is not yet known if breast cancer can form in supermammory breast tissue, so it is wise to keep a watch on all breast tissue, anywhere on the body.


    1. I dated a girl in college at the U of I 48 years ago and the third breast was located in the center of her back. She looked a bit strange, but she was wonderful to slow dance with.


    1. Thanks Walter. Lucila Vit, could be… looks a bit like her. I used and found the same image with the following quote: “By digitally modifying a model for the purpose of exploiting her sexuality, this Bicardi (sic) ad violated the Canadian Code of Advertising…” I used that text to track down a link that shows it is definitely from a rejected Bacardi ad:

      UPDATE: That web site is no longer functional as of 12.1.2012. I hope they bring it back. Nothing ever really goes away on the Internet. 😉 Here is the text and photo from that now vanished web site:

      Adjudication of Advertising Standards Canada:

      The complainants alleged that the advertisement degraded and demeaned women.

      Prior to exhibiting the advertisement, the advertiser submitted and received approval to exhibit the advertisement under the CRTC Code for Broadcast of Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages, (which applies to print advertising, as well as broadcast in British Columbia). Approval under CRTC’s Broadcast Code, however, does not constitute or guarantee conformity with the provisions of the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards that were applied in the case of this adjudication. Aspects of women’s and men’s sexuality have been found in other advertising that did not raise issues under the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards. However, in this case, it appeared to Council that the female model was digitally modified in this advertisement for one purpose only – to attract the attention of readers by exploiting the female model’s sexuality. Council could find no relevant connection between the altered image and the product being advertised. Council concluded, therefore, that focusing on parts of a woman’s body for no purpose related to the product objectified and demeaned women.

      Advertiser’s Verbatim Statement:
      “Bacardi Canada Inc. is a member in good standing of Advertising Standards Canada. The company undertook what was felt to be responsible steps to ensure the creative in question was acceptable, by pre-submitting to ASC and securing approval according to the Code for Broadcast Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages, which applies to print as well as broadcast advertising in British Columbia. We also undertook a full review of the existing and historical creative aired in Canada, to ensure this was consistent and in keeping with what was felt to be accepted areas of creative. While we do not agree with the Council’s decision, we respect it and the process that was followed. We have committed to cease exhibiting of the creative in question.”

      three breasted woman?

      Is it Vit? I’m still not sure. I haven’t found any other photo of her smiling that wide with eyebrows that thin. Here is a three breasted girl Bacardi ad video: Same girl?


    1. Comment about that book cover from the Amazon site: “I know that the smiling, mammory unchallenged lady on the cover is a fake, but the majority of the other people in this book were real, documented circus exhibits”


  7. Think that’s weird? It seems that A) Most left-handed people ‘ate’ their twins B) Most women are chimeras since it’s entirely arbitrary which X-chromosome is active in a specific cell. C) Some ‘women’ have Y chromosomes. Yes, the X is active and no, they don’t have Adam’s apples. 😉

    I say ‘seems that’ because that could turn out to be wrong.


  8. Is there such a phenomenon as a male with two penis’s?, I know of males and females that where born with male genitals and a female vagina, but this, we could save for another day.


    1. Yes. From Wikipedia:

      “Diphallia, penile duplication (PD), diphallic terata, or diphallasparatus, is a rare medical condition in which a male infant is born with two penises. The first reported case was by Johannes Jacob Wecker in 1609. Its occurrence is 1 in 5,500,000 men in the United States.

      When diphallia is present, it is usually accompanied by other congenital anomalies such as renal, vertebral, hindgut or anorectal duplication. There is also a higher risk of spina bifida. Infants born with PD and its related conditions have a higher death rate from various infections associated with their more complex renal or colorectal systems…. “


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