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Former U.S. Nuclear Official Warns: It Can Happen Here

March 13, 2011


As a former commissioner at the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Peter Bradford knows something about nuclear power accidents. He had been serving as one of the nation’s top nuclear officials for over two years when, in March 1979, more than half of the fuel in the Unit 2 reactor at Three Mile Island (TMI) […]

Two Nuclear Plant Meltdowns Underway, in Japan! Possible Fallout Projections For the U.S

March 13, 2011


Police in Gas Masks: Photo By Kaname Yoneyama / AP Update: I spoke to a nuclear physicist this morning about the Japanese nuclear melt downs who said Chernobyl was different because it didn’t have the containment that these Japanese reactors have and also it was being used to make weapons, so Chernobyl was more like […]