The most credible and exceptional “mass sighting” of a UFO, witness interviewed by Anthony Bragalia

Posted on 8 Jun 2011


light6.jpgIn the mid-1960s a UFO terrified a small New Jersey town. On a clear and cold mid-winter night, the community was infiltrated and “beamed upon” by rays that shot downward from a brilliant and eerie object. Over the decades the event has seemed to have faded from view for reasons that remain very murky. There are those who are no doubt very happy about this. But a closer examination of the event today reveals it to be the most credible and exceptional “mass sighting” of a UFO anywhere in all of human history. The sheer number of highly credible individuals who reported the sighting astounds.

More significantly, the event was apparently photographed by the frightened. These extremely rare, little-seen images are controversial, and they are shown here.

Digging deeper this author has found records indicating that the US Government was concerned about ‘imposter military men’ that had infiltrated the community to suppress or dissuade them from reporting anything further on the incident. This may be another reason why this great mass UFO sighting is not so well known by the masses (or even many in the UFO research community.)

Finally, this author has also located and contacted an original witness from when the event occurred. In retirement he reluctantly confirms that the object that he saw (and remembers well, even 45 years later) was not of Earth. …

On January 11, 1966 in Wanaque, New Jersey (located in Passaic County) a bizarre and disturbing event began to unfold over this town of less than ten thousand. Most of the activity took place around the Wanaque Dam and the community’s key water resources. The event lasted about two and a half hours (6:20-8:58 PM) and it was seen by dozens of individuals. The police were flooded with incoming reports on the aerial object from around a 20-mile radius.

The UFO was reported as:

– Very white but occasionally changing colors, including red, blue and green
– Exceedingly bright and shining, but not flickering or twinkling
– Much larger than any star, at times appearing to assume an irregular egg-shaped, fuzzy structure (and described as perhaps the size of about “10 bright stars clumped together”)
– Gliding “low and oddly” across the vast frozen and semi-frozen waters, seemingly in a deliberate “pattern” (described by some as a circular pattern and sometimes maneuvering side to side and up and down.)
– Flying as low as 250 fifty feet above to as high as 1000 feet above witnesses
– Moving at moderate to fast speeds in complete silence (with no sound of motor or engine) and occasionally hovering or floating for periods of time
– Finally, zooming out of view at extreme speed after its “survey” of the area

But by far and away the most amazing and important feature reported about the UFO is this:

During the duration of the sighting, the object would periodically shoot large beams of light from a porthole down towards the ice near the Wanaque Dam and the town’s reservoir and water resource facilities. The beams would then create holes in the ice as if they were burning through the freeze of winter with precision and ease! How mere “light” could do this (unless it was a laser or unknown energetic technology) is not understood. Sgt. Ben Thompson (see list of witnesses below) reported the UFO’s strange ability to suck together tree tops and to cause a rise in the reservoir’s water level.

Read the rest here:  The Bragalia Files.

This one is impressively strange and ominous.  A wide beam of light that melts ice at a distance … in 1966? Sounds like a MASER ( a laser of microwave energy ). The first functioning laser was not created until 1960, but the first MASER was a few years earlier, but the device was huge and the output was very small… nothing that could melt ice at a distance.

Charles Townes and maser

image right: Charles Townes and his colleagues were the first to build a “maser,” which operated in the microwave frequency range. It was the precursor of the laser.

Townes and his colleagues built the first maser in 1954. They sent a beam of excited ammonia molecules into a resonant cavity. Emission became self-sustaining as radiation from molecules in the cavity stimulated further radiation from the continuously renewed supply of excited molecules. Radiating at a wavelength of a little over one centimeter, the power of this first maser was tiny, some ten nanowatts. But the energy was concentrated in a spectacularly sharp line in the emission spectrum–in other words, the radiation was exceedingly uniform, consisting of a single wavelength with little contamination from other wavelengths.

Many theorists had told Townes his device couldn’t possibly work. Once it did, other researchers quickly replicated it and began inventing variations on it. In 1958 Townes and Arthur Schawlow of Bell Laboratories in New Jersey proposed a system that would work at infrared and optical wavelengths [2], but it wasn’t until 1960 that the first light-emitting maser–which quickly became known as the laser–was constructed [3]. Townes shared the 1964 Nobel Prize in physics for his work on masers and lasers. …

MASER cannons were the stuff of science fiction back when the photo and UFO sighting happened in January 1966 in New Jersey.

Many fans consider the inspiration for the final version of the Maser Cannon to be the Markalite Cannon from 1957’s The Mysterians. The gigantic satelite-like weapon fired a ray/beam from its center, and proved to be very effective. A similer weapon also appeared in 1959’s Battle in Outer Space. In 1961, the movie Mothra featured the famous Atomic Heat Ray Gun, a Markalite-like weapon that took the basic design that was featured in the previous films and placed it on wheels. The tank-like form was taken to the next level five years later for the film War of the Gargantuas, the first film to feature an official Maser Cannon. …

One of the many military weapons in the arsenal of the Japanese Self-Defense Force, the Type 90 Maser Cannon was utilized during an epic battle with Godzilla in the mid-1960s. The snow and ice of the Antarctic landscape gave way to these technological wonders as they made their approach toward Godzilla. The searing streams of electricity fired, and along with a wide variety of other military weaponry and a brutal storm, it appeared as though the advantage was immediately on the side of the humans. Shortly after the assault commenced, however, the wretched reptile began to regain his composure and retaliate. Among his primary targets were these devices that inflicted pain and agony in their flowing currents, and it did not take long for a single atomic ray to wipe out the maser resistance. Their usefulness was immediately proven worthless…

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