1. I looked it up at IMDB; it is a real project, although it doesn’t seem to be completely settled about whether it’s a “prequel” or simply a “lateral” installment. It also seems to have gone through a period of “may not be Alien at all,” but looks like they got through that.


  2. I’m genuinely looking forward to this while also preparing for disappointment. The thing about the Aliens is that we really know nothing about them other than they have an interesting reproductive cycle. Predator has a little more back story to it but mostly only in relation to the Aliens (although the recent “Predators” was satisfying, all things considered). The Space Jockeys roll in the creation of Predator, Alien and humans has so far gone unexplored in the films and has been briefly glazed over in comics but hopefully will provided something a little more creative and interesting than what has been put on screen the last few go arounds. AvP anyone? AvP2? Ridley Scott hasn’t gotten better with age but Alien and Blade Runner are two of the best sci-fi movies EVAR so this one is close to my heart… in my chest… waiting to burst out…!


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