Norway police: ‘Eighty killed’ in island shooting

Posted on 23 Jul 2011


A wounded woman is brought ashore opposite Utoeya island (in the distance) after being rescued from a gunman who went on a killing rampage targeting participants in a Norwegian Labour Party youth organisation event on the island

Norway has been hit by twin attacks – a massive bomb blast in the capital and a shooting attack on young people at a governing Labour Party youth camp.

Norwegian media say at least 10 people on the island of Utoeya were reportedly killed when a man opened fire indiscriminately.

Hanne Taalesen, a journalist with Norway’s TV2 in Oslo, said there were reports of people on the island sending messages not to call them as they were hiding in bushes. …

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At least 80 people died when a gunman opened fire at an island youth camp in Norway, hours after a bomb attack on the capital, Oslo, police say. Oslo police are questioning a 32-year-old Norwegian man in connection with both attacks. The man was arrested on tiny Utoeya island outside Oslo, where police say he opened fire on teenagers.

Anders Behring Breivik The earlier bomb attack killed at least seven people. The attacks are the worst Norway has seen since World War II. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, whose Oslo offices were among those badly hit by the blast, described the attacks as “bloody and cowardly”. Hundreds of young people were attending the summer camp organised by the ruling Labour Party on Utoeya island. Eyewitnesses described how a man dressed as a policeman opened fire indiscriminately. People said that after the gunman started shooting, campers jumped into the water to try to escape the hail of bullets.

Police say they discovered many more victims after searching the area around the island. “It goes without saying that this gives dimensions to this incident that are exceptional,” police director Oystein Maeland is quoted as saying by the Associated Press news agency. Police say many others are injured, and warned the number of dead may rise further as rescue teams continued to scour the waters around the island. Some of the teenagers were shot at as they tried to swim to safety.

via BBC News – Norway police: ‘Eighty killed’ in island shooting.

Prison planet has this:

In yet another example of how almost every major terror event is accompanied by a security drill focused around the same scenario, Oslo police were conducting a bombing exercise at a location near the Oslo Opera House just 48 hours before a terrorist blast hit a government building in the Norwegian capital. …

According to the translated version of an Aftenposten report, “Anti-terror police fired explosive charges at a training center in Oslo, two hundred meters from the Opera, but forgot to notify the public.”

The exercise occurred on Wednesday and revolved around anti-terror units attacking a disused building at the edge of Bjørvika pier with bombs and firearms.

“The men lowered themselves down from the roof and in through the window that had just been blown out, while they fired hand their weapons,” states the report, noting that the exercise was “dramatic,” produced “violent bangs,” and was watched by spectators at the nearby Opera House.

A video of the drill that accompanies the story shows police scaling the side of a building with an explosion going off below them before they enter the window and start firing.

Police had to publicly apologize today for not informing the public about the exercise.

Although it’s too early to judge the nature of this exercise, the fallback of a drill, which gives the state an excuse should any evidence of complicity in the real attack emerge, has been evident in previous major terror events, including both 7/7 and 9/11. …

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– An eyewitness to the blast who was just 200 feet away from the explosion called into the Alex Jones show and stated that there was a “bomb sweep” of the area the day before the attack. Norwegian television also reported this story.

– According to a Norwegian who emailed us, his father who is an explosives expert has analyzed the bombing scene and states that due to the pattern of the damage and debris, the blast was clearly underground. There are also reports that the road was closed off in recent days for underground sewer works. This is inconsistent with the official story that the blast was caused by a car bomb.

– Friday was a public holiday in Norway and the building that was bombed was largely empty, which is why only seven people died. The Daily Mail reports, “Fortunately, it is a public holiday in Norway and the offices are less busy than a normal weekday.” Why would “terrorists,” who presumably want to kill as many people as possible, choose to bomb the building on a day when they know it will be almost empty? – more

From WRH:

The suspect being held in connection with both attacks has been named in Norwegian television reports as Anders Behring Breivik.

Police are understood to have searched a flat in west Oslo where the man lived.

An anonymous police official said the suspect was arrested in Utoya and appears to have acted alone in the attacks.

He added he did not think the attacks were “linked to any international terrorist organisations” but seemed to be the work of a “madman”.

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