Amazing Photo: ‘Extinct’ Persian Leopard Filmed…

Persian leopard picture: cat found recently via camera trap in AfghanistanIn this amazing photo, snapped with a camera trap, a rare Persian Leopard was photographed baring its fangs at the camera.

The picture, from a National Geographic series covering threatened wildlife species in war-torn Afghanistan, is significant because it was thought this kind of leopard had gone extinct in the region.

The camera trap, set up in September, proves that some of the big cats are hanging on, despite the numerous threats to its existence. And not all of them are caused by predators or the natural dangers in the leopard’s environment.

The article accompanying this amazing photo includes a candid shot, snapped by another camera trap, showing local villagers on a poaching raid.

Despite increased awareness, the world over, for the plight of endangered animals, there are still those who will hunt them into extinction. Perhaps for their own survival, but more likely out of pure greed.

It’s good to see that this majestic animal is still holding on. But it’s probably just a matter of time until its likes will never be seen again.

via Amazing Photo: ‘Extinct’ Persian Leopard Filmed… | Gather.

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