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Voice memo app for iPhone crashes

Even after a reboot of my phone the Voice Memo app for my iPhone 4 (iOS 5.0.1) crashes after a few seconds of recording. I have over 14 GB of free space.

Actually, it crashes before 10 seconds no matter what I do, record, delete past recordings, or even if I start the app all by itself and do nothing else.

This app comes with the phone and can’t be deleted.

My phone is not jailbroken and never has been.

I haven’t found anyone else reporting this problem on line yet.

Apple Care had me reset all settings. That did not help. App still crashes after doing that and setting it up as a new phone.

Anyone have a fix?


21 comments on “Voice memo app for iPhone crashes

  1. Oliver
    December 31, 2011

    Not a fix, but use iTalk, it’s a better replacement and it’s free

  2. Xeno
    December 31, 2011

    Thanks Oliver. I may try iTalk, but I expect my iPhone’s most basic apps to function without crashing… so I’m spending hours today transferring purchases, syncing, backing up, restoring, wondering why everything is missing… then trying the restore from my last backup instead of the [Restore] button, wondering about the date of the one backup version at the top of the list which has no time stamp, growling because I hate iTunes, … etc. I have some important memos I’m trying to get back.

  3. Buddy
    January 28, 2012

    I’m having the same problem. I open the app and it immediately shuts down

    • Xeno
      January 29, 2012

      I’m still waiting for Apple to come up with an Apple solution. Good to know I’m not the only one. For now, get on a PC, load iFunBox, plug in your phone and delete all your voice memos. After that the Voice Recorder wont crash.

      • Mac Daddy
        June 30, 2013

        By God, Xeno, that worked! This has been frustrating to no end, and I’m a musician and use this app often in rehearsals/writing sessions.

        And now iFunbox is available for Mac OS, so I just right now copied all my voice memos off my phone to my Mac, then I deleted everything in the Voice Memos folder on my iPhone (everything, including the plists), restarted the phone, and Success! No resetting the phone to factory settings, etc. etc. Took me 3 minutes.

        I owe you a beer, man. A good, cold one.

  4. Ted
    March 14, 2012

    I had the same problem, so I tried ifunbox, it didn’t work for me. I probably did something wrong, since I’m not very tech savvy.

    I restored my iPhone and that worked.

  5. milly bone
    September 16, 2012

    im having the same issue! I launch voice memos and it immediately crashes (closes) after half a second. will try a restore next, but I want to know what CAUSED the problem. will keep an eye out here…

      September 29, 2012

      Same for me – Voice Memos always crashes on my iPhone after 2 seconds. This has obviously been happening for others for a year now. Why no fix from Apple or anybody else???

    • helpful
      May 24, 2015

      what CAUSED the problem? 1=2, thats the reason

  6. Brad Erickson
    April 18, 2013

    This is happening to me too. Frustrating. I use the voice memo a lot (or used to).

    • Xeno
      April 18, 2013

      I think restoring to factory settings (losing all of my voice memos, one of which was corrupt) did the trick for me… But if I imported the old memos from back up, the problem returned.

      WARNING: Restoring factory settings and then loading your last back up from iTunes will potentially destroy hours of work! At least as if this writing your apps will no longer be where you put them in folders after a restore.

      That’s why I proposed the solution in the article.

      • Mac Daddy
        June 30, 2013

        See my comment above about ifunbox for Mac. Totally fixed the problem.

  7. Jeff Garvin
    August 4, 2013

    Thanks for the ifunbox solution. It worked.

  8. JodyS
    December 4, 2013

    I tried the ifunbox fix and it doesn’t seem to have worked. When I synced my iphone after deleting the voice memo files via ifunbox, they seemed to still be there, as iTunes backed them up again, so that now I have TWO copies of every Voice Memo file in my iTunes Voice Memos folder. (And Voice Memo App is still immediately closing upon opening.) Can anyone explain what I may have done wrong? (There were a few folders that showed up when I viewed the contents of my Voice Memo app via ifunbox that I was afraid to delete, could that be it? Should I just delete them? I only deleted actual voice files.) Also: how the heck do you eject your iPhone from ifunbox?? Couldn’t figure it out, so I just closed the software and unplugged the phone. Scary. I need more help! I’m also a musician and used to use this app a LOT for my work, now it is useless to me. 😦

    • Xeno
      December 4, 2013

      First save them all with funbox. Then Delete them all from your phone. One or more of your voice memos is corrupt. With no memos on your phone, make sure the app works. Then, add them back one at a time from iTunes to figure out which is messed up.

      • JodyS
        December 5, 2013

        Xeno, thanks so much for trying to help me, but I think I’m still confused as to how this is working. I’ve gone back into ifunbox and saved all voice memo files that show up on the screen under “Voice Memos” when I plug my iPhone in, into a folder on my Macbook desktop, and then deleted them all as they appeared on the screen in ifunbox, which I assume means I have deleted them from my iPhone — but there’s no way to tell, since I can’t get my Voice Memo app to open long enough to see if they’re still there or not. When I synced last time after what I thought had been the deletion process, they ended up back in my iTunes Voice Memo backup library as new copies (thus, I ended up with 2 copies of each file there.) And the app on my phone is still crashing right away, again this time, even after I think I’ve now deleted all the voice files, which makes me suspect that I HAVEN’T successfully done so and that they are still there, again, and I really don’t want to sync and end up with THREE copies of all of them in iTunes this time. Hope that makes sense. I hesitate to start adding them back to the iPhone one by one, ’cause then, if I haven’t successfully deleted them from the iPhone, really, won’t I end up with multiple copies of each voice memo file on my iPhone, too, then, the way I’ve ended up with duplicates in my iTunes library? I’m just not sure how to proceed next. Also, there a few file icons showing up in the ifunbox window under Voice Memos in addition to the sound files that I’m wondering if I need to delete — they are called “AssetMa…”, “Recordin…”, “Sync” (that one is a folder), “SyncAnc…”, and “SyncedA…” I’m sort of afraid to delete them, not knowing what they are. Also, how are you supposed to eject the iPhone from ifunbox, there doesn’t seem to be an icon for that, and I’m having trouble finding any sort of help guide for ifunbox anywhere. Do I just close the software and not worry about ejecting? Sorry so many questions, and for being such a dummy. I’m willing to learn if you’re willing to teach a little more! But I’ll understand if it’s too difficult to do via this forum . . .

      • Xeno
        December 5, 2013

        After you make a back up, erase your phone. Set it up as a new phone. Does the voice memo work then? Bingo.

  9. JodyS
    December 5, 2013

    Oh, you mean I have to reset my phone to factory settings? Ugh, I was hoping this fix meant I wouldn’t have to do that. I thought I could literally delete the voice memo files off my iPhone using ifunbox and then just restart the phone and it would be fixed because they would be gone (and I’d just never sync them back onto my iPhone from iTunes.) If I reset my phone to factory settings, what then do I do to get all my apps & notes & other files back onto it afterwards? Just sync to iTunes? (But sync each voice memo file individually to find out which one is corrupt, like you said? But then won’t I have to go back to reset the phone to factory settings again once I find the corrupt voice memo file? I think I would have to do that, right?) Sorry I’m such a dummy, but am I understanding this correctly?

    • Xeno
      December 5, 2013

      Is your OS updated to the latest version? I’d try that if not.


      • JodyS
        December 6, 2013

        Not yet. I’m working on clearing enough space on my phone to install it. Do you think there’s a chance that may fix my problem? If one of the voice files is corrupt, it doesn’t seem likely . . . thanks again for chatting with me about this . . . 🙂 . . .

  10. JodyS
    December 6, 2013

    My main point is, the files don’t seem to have actually been erased, is the thing . . . ??? . . .

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