China news confuses rubber vagina/anus for special rare mushroom

Posted on 21 Jun 2012


Some people in China dug this up in their yard and did not know what it was. The local news did some checking on line and determined it is a special mushroom. The video is ROTFL funny. (Click the “mushroom” for video on YouTube)

China news confuses rubber vagina/anus for special mushroom (SUBTITLED) – YouTube.

Checking online sources, it is called “taishui”. Among the people it is known as meat lingzhi. … This type of herb has been discovered in many parts of China … There is a rumor that Emperor Qingshi while looking for the secret to longevity found this herb to be one of its important ingredients.”

Photos: Actual Lingzhi mushroom and  Chinese face palm.

Youtube Comment: “Wow I really wan’t to watch that follow up and see how the Chinese scientists react to it.”

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