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Fluorescent Sheep Born In Uruguay

glowing sheepUruguay is home to a group of fluorescent sheep. The animals glow when ultraviolet light is shined on them.

Uruguayan scientists genetically modified sheep to glow under ultra violet light. Photo Credit; Photo News

It isn’t a natural phenomenon but a man made alternative.

The sheep were genetically modified. Fluorescent gel, extracted from glowing jellyfish, was implanted in the sheep’s DNA. That modification produced an offspring that glows in the dark.

A group of Uruguayan scientists in co-operation with the Pasteur Institute in Montevideo, announced their ‘discovery’ yesterday, saying this is a first for Uruguay.

“Never before have sheep been genetically modified in Latin-America,” one scientist said. “The success puts Uruguay at the highest level in the scientific world.”

The sheep were born last year October. From the outside they look and act like ordinary sheep. Their only difference is that they glow when being covered with ultra violet light.

The scientists says their genetic modification had no real specific purpose other than studying the effect of the method used to introduce foreign genes into the DNA of animals.

Prior to this modification, cow genes were modified in Argentina and in Brazil the genes of goats were altered. Both genetic modification ‘created’ animals that produce human proteins….

It would be great if all GMO products were required to glow under UV light.

3 comments on “Fluorescent Sheep Born In Uruguay

  1. Fred Killer
    April 25, 2013

    Apparently their research paper had glowing reviews.


  2. j carlin
    April 25, 2013

    a centilating development
    might help find a lost lamb in the dark
    rather than it dying in the cold
    just a thought:)


    • Luca Lotto
      April 26, 2013

      LOL! we probably got a new export hit for Uruguay…when all those useless elephants, rhinos, tigers etc. etc. got extinct the Chinese can rely on the “magic Uruguayan holy light” cheap sheep meat to sustain their health and well being. So they definitely should immediately register the international patent and never ever sell a license … LOL!


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