Ghost Stomach: Talking stomach asks question, says my name

If you stay alert you’ll find something weird and amazing every day.

Yesterday, I was relaxing on the couch and, I kid you not, my stomach asked me a question. It was clear as day and I found it funny and startling. Then a few seconds later, the next sound it made, was my name! It was like something out of a Harry Potter movie.

All stomach sounds that followed were normal and at no other time in my life have my stomach sounds seemed to speak.

Of course, my rational mind realizes that this must be a case of audio pareidolia, wrongly interpreting a vague stimulus as something meaningful.

Based on the question, “Are you lonely?” I decided to go that night to see the Lone Ranger (2013) with Johnny Depp as Tonto.

My fiance reminded me that the human stomach has a mind of its own with five times more nerve cells than a bird brain (100 million neurons).   ‘The “gut brain,” formally known as the enteric nervous system, is made up of some 500 million nerve cells, as many as there are in a cat’s brain.’ – wsj

Have you ever heard your stomach gurgles produce actual words or an actual sentence?

I’ll add this to my list of several paranormal events which have occurred in my current home: the key falling by itself (after a car accident death), a dish soap bottle moving by itself, and my  blender starting by itself.




  1. my ex wife used to say
    when she was hungry
    a little voice in her stomach–Fred was his name
    would say SEND IT DOWN!!!


  2. My stomach is always full of gas and it often produces sounds, but today something happened that really freaked me out. It was the weirdest and scariest thing that ever happened to me. I was packing to go to my mum’s place, I was alone and there was a complete silence in my apartment. At some point I bended over to put some things in my purse and suddenly this voice came out of my stomach. It sounded like a male voice speaking in some strange foreign language. It was talking for about 10 seconds and I just stood there paralysed in fear. Then it just stopped talking and I had no idea what happened. I’m still freaked out by this, I hope it will never happen again.


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