W slips almost admits 9/11 was conspiracy?

Whoa. Oops. When W Bush says, “at first I thought…” I think that’s the real W Bush, what he really knew or thought before he was told what to say by someone like Dick Cheney.

His wife was already looking at him, so his comment didn’t draw a look from her, but her look does go a bit glassy when he makes this gaff, as if her mind runs away and leaves her body there smiling.

Watch W shaking his head “No” after he starts to say the word “conspiracy.”

W seems to me to smile when he says something that he knows would be approved by his dad or by Cheney. I honestly can’t see why else he’d smile about it being very hard to protect the Homeland. Anyone?

One Comment

  1. good to know we are beginning to look at the truth-
    r townsand-up the organization -said it is much deeper than the president-and government-and echonomics but is mad folks behind the scene


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