How the NSA sees your email

myMapNoLabelsThis is a map created in seconds of all of my gmail email contacts for the past 6.2 years.

Images can be created with or without the names of the people you have contacted. The largest blue circle is my fiance.

The orange circles are the members of a jury I was on that convicted a child molester. You can also see, based on just the number of times they communicated, the strength of connections between the various members on the jury. Although all email messages began after our decision, this might show which member had the most influence.

In other words, the NSA knows things about you and your relationships that you may not even have figured out… and you were there! You can see how this data could be used to great advantage in business or by the military.

If you have a Gmail account, you can see your own bubble map here: … as long as you are willing to give access to the program.


  1. thank God 1 in 7 males are at least partially colorblind
    most honestly have difficulty with relationships
    the divorce rate kinda confirms that
    “we have met the enemy and he is us”-quote pogo
    if you think nsa is gonna be able to sort that out
    you’re set up to buy swamp property in florida


    1. Funny, but I don’t think they will have any trouble sorting out that the big circles are who you talked to the most. The map of circles changes as you slide the time window so they also know when you first and most talked to someone. You can play with this yourself with the tool.

      This is just one of many tools, one quick look at your life. Assume they can also visualize key words and phrases in your emails/texts/phone conversations to generate a similar map of what you talked about with each person … So, how much for that swamp?


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