1. There are at least three better movies: The Centrury Of The Self (bbc documentary by the guy who did the power of nightmares) The power of nightmares (ditto, takes a bit of searching to find this now since the bbc keep getting it pulled) And I liked ‘propaganda’ which is supposedly north Korean.

    Then there’s also a couple of documentaries called money masters and a load of documentaries by cchr (which is a anti-psychiatry group run by scientologists, but the content is well researched with a modicum of spin and they don’t mention volcanos, gay people or aliens)

    All of those are well researched and of significantly better commentary quality than an issue of the new scientist. On 22 Jul 2013 03:56, “Xenophilia (True Strange Stuff)” wrote:

    > ** > Xeno posted: ” Starts at 14 minutes in if you want to skip to the > movie. “


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