President Obama: NSA Surveillance Was Necessary To Make Sure Boston Bombings Weren’t Part Of Bigger Plot

Posted on 1 Aug 2013


Right. So, after there was a bombing which no intelligence agency spotted beforehand, he’s now claiming that the NSA got to jump into action to find out that there wouldn’t be any more bombings because there was no bigger plot. We’re not even in the silly debunked realm of “preventing terrorist events” anymore. Now we’re at “Great work everyone! We found out that there’s no larger plot to worry about — sorry about the explosions and related mess.” Using the discovery of a lack of further threats after a bombing happened undetected to justify spying on all Americans? That’s crazy.

When that’s the best you can do to defend this program, something is clearly wrong. The program didn’t prevent the bombing. It may have allowed law enforcement to be more confident that there wasn’t a larger plot behind it slightly faster than regular police work did, but that’s not exactly a reason to violate everyone’s privacy…