Cancer care really IS a postcode lottery: New search engine confirms that the North has much higher mortality rate of disease

The shocking variation in cancer incidence and mortality rates across the country has been revealed by a leading charity.

Cancer Research UK has unveiled a new search engine that enables a person look look up cancer statistics according to postcode, healthcare area or local authority.

The findings highlight the discrepancy between those living in the North and the South – with London coming out on top in the country and Liverpool performing the worst.

Salubrious London boroughs including Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster are the least likely to contract or die from cancer in the country, whereas cities in the North such as Liverpool and Manchester show the highest prevalence – and death rate – of the disease, according to a report byThe Independent.

Sara Hiom, director of early diagnosis and patient engagement at Cancer Research told the newspaper: ‘There has been plenty in the news over the years about north-south divide and a lot of factors will play into that.

“Incidences are very often a reflection of lives that have been led: deprivation, high smoking rates, high alcohol rates, low exercise – all the things that we know contribute to increased cancer risk.

‘If you get well-established communities that are either incredibly well-off or deprived, the chances are you are going to get higher cancer incidences in the more deprived areas, and [the] converse.’

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