US teen exorcists visit UK to banish “evil” of Harry Potter

20130908-185235.jpgA TRIO of young women who claim to be exorcists have travelled to the UK to banish evil spirits they say were brought into existence in the country by the Harry Potter books.

Brynne Larson, 18, and sisters Tess and Savannah Scherkenback, all from Arizona, claim Britain is a hotbed of satanic activity.

Savannah Scherkenback, 21, said: “More than 50 per cent of women in the UK consult their horoscopes before making any big decisions in life. It is witchcraft, it is evil and not of God.”

The trio say the country’s long history of pagan belief has reached a pinnacle with the Harry Potter books, even going so far as to claim the spells in the books are genuine, according to the Daily Express.

Tess Scherkenback, 18, said: “The spells you are reading about are not made up, they are real and come from witchcraft.”

Needless to say the young Americans don’t read the Harry Potter books or go to parties or chase boys or any other “sinful” activity.

The three women, who have just returned from performing exorcisms in the Ukraine, claim that people can become possessed by evil after engaging in sexual activity, a phenomenon they call “sexually transmitted demons”.

According to the Express the trio were shocked by zodiac symbols they saw on a medieval English church, which they regard as a signs of the occult.

Their journey was being documented by a BBC documentary crew.

Brilliant publicity move? Yes, there are sexually transmitted demons, several different kinds. Antibiotics cure some of them.


  1. I understand that the UK is FULL of fat demons (the US also), so I am all for more of them getting exercise. Hurrah for those AZ girls! With growth in the population of demons in the UK as a result of JK Rawling’s books, there is sure to be a strain on the national healthcare system if they don’t start addressing their weight issues. When they hit middle age in 25-30 years, mark my words, you will see demons with diabetes and many suffering from stroke, MI’s, etc… It’s sad, really, but maybe those girls can do something to help them.


    1. Mathieu,

      They are not exorcists and I was being facetious (a.k.a., a joke). More than that, absurd.
      Since when do demons need to do calisthenics (a form of “exercise”)? My guess is that you are not a native English speaker, so you did not get the point of my joke.

      Anyway, I think all that superstitious christian nonsense belongs in the dustbin of history…


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