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Florida Coeds have the right to bring guns on campus

20131211-212858.jpgScore one for hard-working public university students in the Sunshine State, just trying to get by with a couple of pump-action 12-gauge Remingtons in the trunks of their Civics.

Most Florida state colleges had been trying to limit the availability of firearms on campus by barring students from keeping the weapons in cars parked at school. But Alexandria Lainez, a student at the University of North Florida, said that infringed on her right to carry a gun between her home and the school’s Jacksonville campus.

An appellate court agreed, because the state’s constitution forbids any constraints on gun ownership and carry that aren’t approved by the conservative-controlled Legislature. “There are certain places where firearms can be legally prohibited,” the court’s decision stated. “But the Legislature has recognized that a citizen who is going to be in one of these places should be able to keep a firearm securely encased within his or her vehicle.”

Only time will tell if more guns around makes a campus more safe…. You know, like more nukes have made the world a safer place… So far.

3 comments on “Florida Coeds have the right to bring guns on campus

  1. Cheng
    December 13, 2013

    It should be compulsory. Everyone from their 6th birthday onwards should be forced to carry a gun under pain of death! Then we’d all be as safe as houses.


    • Xeno
      December 14, 2013

      Interesting experiment. Wild wild West. I’d go with 16 instead of 6 and you have to pass a psych eval before you get your guns. If the brain scan shows you lack empathy and emotional maturity, you have to wear a big red letter ‘PC’ for Potential Criminal on your forehead.

      Anyway, most people in the USA are given a deadly weapon starting at about 16 and a half… that would be your first car.


      • Cheng
        December 16, 2013

        Surely the first deadly weapon you get is the cutlery you use when you first get to feed yourself. There haven’t been many place settings, or indeed cars, used in school massacres, however.


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