Theory: Chupacabra is a breeding experiment

Posted on 5 Mar 2014


20140304-232251.jpg… Two residents of the Doliver Point gated community near Gessner and Doliver claim to have seen giant footprints alongside Buffalo Bayou and say they have photos to prove it is the mysterious chupacabra.

Scott Black and David McKee took several photos of the animal Sunday, according to KPRC news. “It was very vicious, very long, longer than a human,” said Claude Griffen from Gotcha Pest control, who was brought into check out the photos. “It was a pretty big animal, very well fed.”

Houston animal control officials said they have heard of people trying to breed dogs that look like so-called direwolves from the TV show Game of Thrones.

Griffen said it’s not the first one he’s come across and asserts that people are deliberately trying to breed animals that match descriptions of these mythical creatures. Griffen said that this animal could be a mix between a greyhound and a wolf. “People are looking for the big prize, they want the $10,000 reward for finding one.” …

Domestic dogs breeding with wild wolves does happen without humans.

Cases of accidental breeding of wolfdogs are known (though this is very rare), where a domestic dog female on oestrus strays and is mated by a male wild wolf. … Wild wolfdogs were occasionally hunted by European aristocracy, and were termed lycisca to distinguish them from common wolves. Noted historic cases (such as the Beast of Gévaudan) of large wolves that were abnormally aggressive toward humans, may be attributable to wolf-dog mating. In Europe, unintentional matings of dogs and wild wolves have been confirmed in some populations through genetic testing.

Purposefully breeding dogs with wild wolves is not legal for several good reasons.

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