How to become pre-diabetic overnight

Posted on 14 Jan 2015


2015/01/img_3506.jpgAs far as we know at this time insulin sensitivity is a great indicator of overall health and long life. Research suggests that insulin resistance (where your cells ignore insulin and glucose stays in your blood instead of being taken up by your cells for energy) is caused by many things in junk foods along with stress, lack of sleep and lack of exercise. Overall, if you consistently eat well, move more and relax more you will improve your health.  Even if your goal is to die young, you’ll feel better overall with a lifestyle tune-up.

This Dr. Mercola article has recommendations for max fructose per day and other good stuff:

Also see this, which explains why fructose from whole fruit in moderation is not unhealthy:

My fasting blood sugar jumped from 91 (a new healthy record low after 7 months of trying), back up to 120 with just one dinner containing gluten (crepe), sugar (tomato sauce), industrial seed oil (canola/safflower), nitrates/nitrites (packaged turkey meat) and pesticides from non organic spinach. I felt physically depressed a few hours after that California crepe with added turkey.

My own cooking is finally just as tasty and much more healthy. For years I was eating at restaurants daily, now I eat out only about once per month. I didn’t think cooking organic food at home would make a difference when I started, but it has.

Some supplements, discovered by trying many different things and watching the blood sugar results, have done wonders. What I’ve done over the past seven months is list everything I can find that might help or hurt, then apply this knowledge and test, test, test! There are hundreds of things, so this takes time. Everyone is different, but if you decide to fix your pre-diabetic fasting glucose levels in the same way, the book I’m working on could save you months of blood testing.

Update: A few days later I’m at a healthy 90 mg/dL fasting blood glucose this morning, and I’m still zeroing in on the exact cause for me, but now I’m certain that a healthy fasting blood sugar can move back into the unhealthy 110 range in just one day.  To get up to speed on what causes high blood sugar and what you can do about, I recommend you start here:

Diabetes is not caused by gluttony and laziness. Research shows it is a genetic disease caused by many different genetic flaws. Much evidence is accumulating that many of these genetic flaws are caused by toxins in our environment including common herbicides, arsenic, plastics, and pharmaceutical drugs.

Why do I believe that my 5.5 A1C or 110 fasting blood glucose is “unhealthy”? Research indicates that post-meal blood sugars of 140 mg/dl (7.8 mmol/L) and higher and fasting blood sugars over 100 mg/dl (5.6 mmol/L) cause permanent organ damage and cause diabetes to progress. That’s why.

Fasting blood glucose 1/25/2015: 94 mg/dL.

I’m out of the pre-diabetic range this morning. It can be done. I had some almond milk and macadamia nuts as a midnight snack. One of the tricks of maintaining a lower healthy blood glucose level is that too little or too much food will raise blood sugar. The same is true with exercise and I believe with sleep, although I have not tested getting more than 9 hours of sleep yet.

I was lightheaded several times yesterday and had one low reading of 78, so today I’m having a bigger breakfast.

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