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I need a real answer, an answer that I believe does exist, but one that the company that makes the product about which I have the question could not or would not give me. The correct answer could save lives and a lot of suffering. It might also end a global scam to defraud the public by an entire industry. … Or it may just be that I’m misunderstanding something.

Question: If an 80mg/dL control solution for the Relion Prime glucose meter gives readings multiple times over multiple days that are all about 34 points higher than the actual concentration of the solution, why isn’t the reading also about 34 points high for my blood tests done right after the controls with ReliOn Prime glucose test strips from the same bottle?

Yes, I’m turning control solution mode on correctly on the meter when using the solution, turning it off for blood testing. I’m tipping the control solution over and back 5 times instead of shaking it before use. Washing my hands with warm soapy water and drying them with a clean paper towel. Using the second drop of blood for tests since the first can read falsely high from interstitial fluid. I’m not dehydrated or anemic. I’m an adult male over 30 years old.

The strips bottle says the normal control solution, which the box says is 80 mg/dL, should read 96 to 120, which is 16 to 40 points above reality. Actual control readings were 108, 108, 116, 111, 114, 111, 128, 122, 117, 115, 112, 113, 112, 117, 112. The average of these readings is 114.4.  The answers about this I’ve found on line just say to accept what the company says, that this just means the strips are working.

That is not an answer.

The company took 1/2 hour today to tell me I should not adjust the difference for my blood because my blood test results would then be inaccurate. Why? Because they are different tests. WTH? Of course they are different tests! By definition any two tests are different tests.

Again is not an answer.

The strips in one bottle are from the same lot and use the same glucose oxidase reaction for both blood and control. If you have the details that make sense in the physical world, I’ll gladly pay up.

If you are chemist or glucose meter/strip maker whistle-blower who would like to confess to a global conspiracy to raise everyone’s blood sugar by 34 points, putting everyone suddenly into the pre-diabetic range to sell more meters and strips, submit a WikiLeaks report. Or contact them. Nevermind. You can’t. Someone shut their servers for the submissions down? I don’t have the resources to help you, but do drop me a hint about the truth if you can. Has all of my work to try to have a normal fasting blood sugar actually paid off? Would I see the truth if the meter wasn’t rigged?

You can assume my hematocrit was tested recently and is normal (44.5%). The company is Arkray and the strips are distributed by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 855.776.0662.]

Current Bounty

REWARD: The crisp $20 bill I have in my hand right now.

I may raise the bounty over time. Feel free to donate to this bounty. I accept PayPal research donations and every cent you give (minus those damn PayPal fees) will go to this cause from now until I have my answer. Donors large and small will get all of the answers I receive compiled with names and email removed.

To win: email your answer to with “Bounty Answer” in the subject line.

No deadline, I’ll update this post and send the winner the reward as soon as I have an answer I can really believe, understand and use.

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