I will not watch your advertisement

Posted on 1 Sep 2015


If I’m interested in a news story and I click to view a video that is supposed to be that story, but instead get a brief advertisement video, guess what? I close the whole web page or app and move on. I will not be “Rick Rolled” by ads. My time on this planet is too short and you will not waste it, advertisers. 

This is why I do not use YouTube or Facebook any more, and why I use ad blocking plug-ins (AdBlock Plus, Flash block, etc.) in my web browsers and why I use a search engine that doesn’t track me to reduce spam (Duckduckgo.com).

If I want to buy something, I’ll find you.  Do you hear me? Make good products and get good honest reviews and I’ll buy what I need when I need it. Otherwise, piss off.  


Posted in: Control Freaks, Money