What Xeno is doing these days: Diabetes research. Have you gone from pre-diabetic to normal?

If you changed a pre-diabetic fasting blood glucose (100 – 110 mg/dL) to a lasting normal fasting blood glucose level (around 85 mg/dL), please leave a comment and let me know how you did it.  I can get some normal readings, but I still head back into the pre-diabetic range.

diabetesFor years I enjoyed daily research to bring you strange news from around the world, often in the areas of heath and biology. For the past 10 months, however, I’ve been doing something different daily with my free time that I hope will be more useful for humanity: vigorously  researching blood sugar regulation. Blood sugar levels are very likely a key to longevity and overall health. The common view is that blood sugar works like a gas tank in a car: If it gets low, you add more fuel. Unfortunately, our bodies are much more complicated than this. For example, blood sugar can go higher if you don’t eat. It can also go higher if you burn fuel by exercising. These things only make sense if you understand how the body produces energy and the interplay of several different energy reserves for metabolism.

We are facing an epidemic of diabetes (blood sugar disregulation) world wide. It is claimed that half of the people in the USA are either diabetic or pre-diabetic. After reviewing hundreds of things that might cause or help both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, I’m now playing with free mind mapping software (FreeMind) to start to organize what I’ve learned.

There are many opinions on how to have good blood sugars, but I most want to hear from anyone who has gone from several months of pre-diabetes to several months of normal fasting glucose, or, anyone who brought a HbA1c lab test result down from above 5 to between 4.4 and 5.0. This translates to 80 mg/dL to 97 mg/dL average glucose.

Hope you are well,


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  1. I did in 2013 have pre diabetes, I did detect it right away when it started and once I understood what was going on I started to walk a lot and every time eating I walk a lot and as well drinking a lot of water.

    I also did fully quit any form of animal product, I mean I absolutely 100% stopped any form of animal products what so ever.

    I replaced my energy intake completely with a 100% vegetarian diet.

    As well did start to eat less and more frequently.

    However what helped my situation a great deal is that a year before my pre diabetes I had moved to Philippines so I had the wonders of the nature just 5 min walk from where I live to a heaven of pre diabetes fighting natural plants and what not.

    The okra plant was I think my key to success. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okra

    And maybe some otters that I dont remember the name of in the go of write this…

    But try Okra, it will help you and it is also known here in the Philippines to fight pre diabetes and can as well help people that has already diabetes.


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