Watch the X-Files Reboot episodes, How?

There is no live streaming of the X-Files on, so if you missed the new X-Files first episode tonight due to the stupid extra long football game, you’ll need to wait for the episode to be posted on the web site. (a week? Who knows), or do this, search for “The.X-Files.S10E01.HDTV.x264” to find Season 10 Episode 1 on the Internet (watch out for scams!) or using a peer-to-peer tool like Frostwire (watch out for crapware/spyware bundled with these! Choose custom each time you have that choice and don’t install anything but the program). AFAIK, downloading free TV shows is legal,  but check with  your local … uh… I have no idea who you would ask. Fox? They don’t have an easy way to contact them… Good luck.

I just finished watching S10E1. Great! Totally loved it, especially the Alex Jones character and seeing Skinner and the Smoking Man again. I was very happy they’d done real research and used a few little known UFO incident angles mixed into the story, such as Soviet involvement in the Roswell crash.

Alex Jones spends most of his show time on recent news and political conspiracies of attempts at global dominance by the elite, but here is a very relevant interview George Nori did with Alex Jones on UFOs as a False Flag:


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