Several immortal animal species, humans next?

Today’s candidates for immortal species are… the immortal jellyfish, hydras, flatworms, lobsters, turtles, bdelloids, tardigrades, Bowhead whales and the Greenland Shark. 

Under the right conditions, they may never age, or at the very least they each have us beat in the biological anti-aging race.

Flatworms are pretty amazing. They can regenerate any missing body part, even as adults, but those goofy looking eyes!

They say the only certain things in life are death and taxes. This isn’t necessarily true. Ageing, and by extension death, is caused at the most fundamental level by cells within our bodies losing the ability to repair themselves. This problem however is not present in all species. There are organisms living right now on this planet that don’t play by the same rules that we do, and are effectively immortal. These are 5 Immortal Species (video).

It seems quite likely that we will figure out how they do it, incorporate their abilities, and form a new immortal human species if we survive the next 500 years.


  1. What if they already have? Not trying to state a conspiracy theory but if people were immortal our entire systems would crash, there’s already lots of problems being blamed on over population, what more if we were immortal or could regenerate?


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