Bizarre “spherical” cloud over Japan

Bizarre pictures coming out of Japan last week show what appears to be an oddly spherical cloud hovering over the city of Fujisawa, just south of Tokyo.

According to reports from the photographer, the cloud started to lose its shape as soon as it was photographed, and then rapidly faded into the sky as if it never existed.

“When I looked out of the car window I saw a round ball-shaped cloud. I gazed at the cloud for a while then I rushed to take the photo,” Twitter user @pmxpvrtmx (Poppy) told local Japanese news outlet, Rocket News 24.

“When I saw the cloud it was an even more spherical shape, so I regret not taking the photo more quickly.”

While the pictures shot at Shonandai station on Sunday afternoon have not been independently verified, this is not the first time a fluffy cloud ball has been spotted in recent years.


Weather experiment? A guy with the handle dutchsinse thinks microwave pulses are used to create and control weather. 

This might be very easy for someone who could control a hurricane. Then again, this may be nothing special. It may have only appeared spherical from one angle… but it is still awesome.

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