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How to Find Your Ancient Statue Doppelgänger

In addition to supporting the arts and broadening your horizons, a trip to a museum is an opportunity to find your millennia-old look-alike hiding in an exhibit. If you haven’t … Continue reading

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Human cells grown in pig embryos

Eventually, unfortunately, human organs will be grown in pigs. It would be preferable to grow new needed organs in the persons who need the new organs, and I think that’s … Continue reading

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Faux T-Rex feeds a 500 lb alligator 

What does an alligator think about a Tyrannosaurus Rex? In October 2016, Jason McDonald, 35, who works at the Colorado Gators Reptile Park, disguised himself as a T-Rex to taunt a … Continue reading

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Metallic hydrogen created

This is an exciting time. One of the most potentially valuable materials on the planet was just created. Nearly a century after it was theorized, Harvard scientists have succeeded in … Continue reading

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Zuckerberg disease foundation buys AI engine to scour scientific papers for possible cures

I’m really excited by this idea, applying AI to research analysis, because  researchers too often don’t seem to know about eachother’s work. There’s just too much going on in many … Continue reading

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Ultrasound restores memory in Alzheimer’s rats

Here is some research that could yield miraculous results in the area of anti-aging: A potential method of treating Alzheimer’s disease using ultrasound is being hailed as a “breakthrough”. A … Continue reading

January 24, 2017 · 1 Comment

Common chemicals causing diabetes; mechanism: melatonin mimic

Will you be poisoned by pesticides today?  Synthetic chemicals commonly found in insecticides and garden products bind to the receptors that govern our biological clocks, University at Buffalo researchers have … Continue reading

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