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Awakened by the Hunger Moon

The angle was just right. At 6:10 am, I woke up hungry to what felt like sunlight on my face. This morning’s light, however, came through the wrong window, the west. So bright it was surprising, this full moon in February, I learned, is called a Hunger Moon because by this time of year, in Native American culture, food was scarce. The light woke me through a music stand, reminding me to follow my hunger for peace through music. 

Then I remembered that yesterday, I received in the mail from a sweet friend, a gift, a beautiful musical instrument, an acoustic-electric ukulele inlaid with the word Peace in many languages. The instrument is made by a company called Luna (the Moon).

My friend in Colorado said, “Thank you for every time, being there for me when I was struggling, it meant the entire world to me.”

I played it in bed briefly then meditated for 15 minutes, feeling a true strange fleeting glimpse of the richness of life.

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