Lost time, the sleep of the dead

This morning before I started meditating, I looked at the clock, 8:03 am, then I set a timer for 1 hour. Five minutes later, the timer went off. An hour had passed, the clock said 9:02 am. Strange. Did we spring forwards? Not yet, not for 10 more days, and never at 8:08 am.

What was strange about this was how clean the experience was. It was a seamless edit, an instant quantum leap of time travel. I assume I just went straight into a very deep sleep.

Did anyone experience this morning’s jump with me? I thought I’d better check. What if the whole world had the same experience this morning? That would be wild!

After you meditate with a timer for a year, you get to be a very good judge of time. I can even feel the passage of time accurately when I am sleeping, allowing me wake up at a pre-set time without an alarm clock. Some people can do this easily and others don’t believe it is humanly possible. 

Anyway, I’m grateful for this lost time. In a way, I wished for it. I’ve been experiencing emotionally difficult post traumatic stress. My brain was putting my body through hell yesterday and I noticed by the end of the day, my memories were degrading, getting erased. 

An inability to forget can cause distress, as with posttraumatic stress disorder…” (Link)

Forgetting is a natural protection against suffering. While I’m grateful for it, I should not wish for too much of a memory wipe because thinking itself is memory recall. I remember reading that cognition is neurologically indistinguishable from remembering. 

I’m also grateful for the 100% blank out experience because, oddly, it completely eases my mind about death. The sleep of the dead is what I experienced this morning, complete nothingness, lights fully off. I experienced no experience. 


2 thoughts on “Lost time, the sleep of the dead”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful post–I have never slept through my alarm before that I can recall, but this morning at 9:00am in norhern california I experienced a leap of time as well, slept an entire hour later than usual.

    1. Spooky. Perhaps someone is jumping the earth into alternate realities and only a few people noticed. Do you remember the monopoly man having a monocle? 😉

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