This solo didn’t make the cut, but it made the blister.

This absurd guitar solo I wrote and played for someone’s song (listen below) gave me the blister pictured here. It has too many mistakes and is too awkward, and it also wasn’t the style the studio wanted so I’m not going to try to fix it. I really played it at this speed, but it took hours of takes and I almost passed out from the effort.

Absurd Guitar Solo (MP3) – Xeno, March 2, 2017

This is really not my style at all. I’m a jazzy folk rock singer/songwriter, not a speed metal lead guitar player, but I wanted to see if I could play like those crazy shredders. Almost. Sort of.

(Let me know if you can’t download. Some people have trouble with files, but it works for me.)

Feel free to leave a link to your own absurd guitar solo if you have one.