The Beatles’ tuneful creative music got me (and countless others) into playing guitar and writing my own songs. 

By coincidence, I have the same birthday as Elvis Presley, as did David Bowie, January 8, which happens to be the day before Jimmy Page’s birthday. For you new school folks, Jimmy Page was the guitar player for Led Zepplin. I found it interesting that Elvis once met Led Zepplin. They liked each other and had a very long conversation according to Robert plant.  Just as interesting is the claim that Elvis, after hearing Golden Years by Bowie, asked David Bowie to be his producer. That didn’t pan out, but it’s fun to imagine the result.

I didn’t know until tonight that Elvis also met the Beatles. It’s interesting to hear the  different accounts of that meeting, some by the Beatles themselves. Elvis performed a few Beatles songs in his shows. 

Here’s Elvis singing the chorus of Get Back by the Beatles mixed in with Little Sister.

P.S. On the iPhone ( 📱), Elvis, who was an icon, has an icon ( 🕺 ).