Celebrating 10 years of Blogging

It seems I’ve been blogging for ten years on WordPress. Thanks, WordPress, for providing ever evolving blogging tools. Blogging strange news (+health and science breakthroughs) for over a decade has been fun. It always seemed a better hobby than other options. I hope my thousands of days of unpaid community service have helped you or entertained you, or will someday. 

The earliest WordPress entry I still have up is Feb 28, 2008, but I was writing content on web pages as early as the year 2000. 

My overall goal: Save the humans.

Strategy: Get people to explore possibilities with open minds and to think reasonably and logically about available evidence or lack thereof. 

When I started, I called my work the Reasonable Person’s Guide to Strange Ideas. 

The Guide had an awful format, it’s funny now, but the content got people interested. I looked at things like how to heal teeth and cure cavities. I checked out the evidence for cryptids such as bigfoot, got deep into unanswered questions about the Apollo moon landings, investigated sightings of UFOs, wrote about logical fallacies and examined supposedly suppressed technologies like the super microscope created by Raymond Rife, with which he figured out that cancer is caused by a virus. 

Eventually Facebook made everyone a blogger and my traffic fell off.  By 2015 Facebook was eating the Internet and drove a quarter of all web traffic. Here are some traffic stats for my blog:

There are now typically under a thousand visitors per day to truestrange.com, but at one point, years ago, I had over 2 million visits in a single day. 

It’s been a wild ride. I’ll probably keep doing this, even if there are only two visitors per day and both of them are web crawlers. 😉  

I might try to figure out how to mega boost my blog’s reach again, but it doesn’t feel very important at the moment.


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