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Bizarre Codelike Markings Appear on Icelandic Lake 

At first glance, it looks like giant ice writing. My plan was to find an aerial view to see the entire code, then decode it. What’s the scoop? 

Residents living around Iceland’s Lake Thingvallavatn were recently mystified after waking up and discovering a strange, code-like pattern sketched across the ice-covered lake like some kind of mysterious hieroglyph. The pattern emerges from a split in the ice, but with its sharp right angles, it doesn’t look like a natural split.


Incredible images of an unexplained and somewhat eerie zigzag pattern stretching for more than two kilometers (1.25 miles) on a frozen lake in Iceland has baffled locals, sparking theories on its source ranging from aliens to aquatic monsters.

The bizarre markings on Lake Thingvallavatn in Thingvellir National Park were shared by the park’s Facebook page earlier this month. The post reported that the unexplained pattern had been spotted by a nearby resident – a phenomenon apparently never seen in the area before. 

… The mystery has now apparently been solved, however, as experts have come up with a scientific explanation for the unusual sight.

“This ought to be good,” I thought. I was prepared to believe many other rational explanations, but this pattern no way formed by itself.

Where does it originate, human resistance to evidence-based truth? Why is it that some intelligent people, about certain things, will flat out say they don’t care about and don’t want to hear any facts that contradict their existing view? 

I love scientific explanations, but I didn’t want to read about nature forming this pattern, because that seemed impossible just looking at it.

Blind certainty, in other people, baffles and sometimes frustrates or even frightens me, so it was a surprise to observe resistance in my own thoughts. 

Keeping an open mind is a practice, a kind of meditation on reality. It is my religion, a godly voice told me so during my meditation this morning. Just as all Christians sin, however, all Truthseekians experience temporary fact blindness.

 (If you want to understand Truthseekianism, browse my years of posts for my take on it. I’ve been practicing it religiously for over 10 years, which makes me a Truthseekian Priest. Don’t confuse us with “the Truthers”. Splitters!  

Back to the ice writing… I cleared out my notions of aliens, hoaxers with heat poles, space-based lasers and experimental ice robots. 

Okay, I’m ready to consider that this might  be a natural phenomenon. But how?

Scientists say the markings are the result of an incredibly rare phenomenon called ‘finger rafting’, which occurs when two sheets of ice on a body of water push over and under each other alternately, creating what are described as “fingers.” The natural patterns only occur when both sheets of ice are of roughly the same thickness.

This is the first time the phenomenon has been seen on Lake Thingvallavatn, according to Saemundsen.

My first reaction was still, “Oh come on, no way that this could be ‘finger rafting’ because, look at the pattern!” Resistance. But I really didn’t know what finger rafting was.

In 2007, Yale University professor John Wettlaufer published a study in Physical Review Letters explaining the anomaly.

“We show that this striking phenomenon is not a result of some peculiar property of ice but rather a general and robust mechanical phenomenon reproducible in the laboratory with other floating materials,” the study says.
Wettlaufer described the “surprising” pattern as “much like the meshed teeth of a zipper.”


Then I found other examples of finger rafting with a web search and the internal skeptic ducked, whistling and rubbing its neck, back into the closet of doubt. I was pretty close to convinced. 

What finally made it clear was that the strip where the two ice rafts overlap are a different color or shade of ice than either of the two sheets alone. After seeing that effect in this other example of finger rafting below, I could then also see it in the photos of the Icelandic lake Thingvallavatn above.

… Finger rafting hasn’t been confirmed as the cause of the strange pattern yet, and the conditions present on the lake aren’t usually conducive to generating this phenomenon, but it’s still the leading theory about what’s going on here, according to Ice News.
Even if finger rafting is the explanation, however, there’s still the question of why this is happening now, when it has never happened on this lake before.


Here it is on a much larger scale. In this photo you can really see where the ice sheets are overlapping, going both under and over each other, creating the fingers.

Prstenasti rafting snimljen iz zraka. I ovdje je slučaj o relativno tankom sloju leda.


The above is from a Croatian web site and Google translate says the caption reads that  this is an example of “ring rafting” with relatively thin ice. I’m not sure where this photo is on the earth. 

“Ring rafting taken from the air. And here is a case of a relatively thin layer of ice.” 

Maybe it says “ring” because that’s close to finger in Croatian.

According to the National Park, Lake Thingvallavatn, Iceland’s biggest lake, has always had solid ice cover. However, due to global warming and the continuous rise in temperature, the ice cover had not been forming as solid as it had for the last 15 years, making it somewhat unstable.


Psychological resistance lesson aside, the finger rafting in Lake Thingvallavatn appears to be one more of many signs from around the globe that things are not business as usual. 

The EPA scientists say we have higher temperatures, more droughts, warmer oceans, rising sea levels, wilder weather, more acidic oceans, and shrinking sea ice. On the news we read that the Pope had a conference about biological extinction, the Great Barrier Reef seems to be dying, and Debbie left a shark in the road, but this is just the tip of the melting iceberg.

The earth is changing and things are going to get even stranger soon.

Stay tuned.



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