Video: Power Tower Falls in Philippines

A fire caused a power tower to fall in the Philippines. It was nothing like the Godzilla movies. 

​MANILA – The South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) management apologized for the heavy traffic near the Alabang northbound exit on Wednesday, after a nearby residential area caught fire.

SLEX had to close northbound and southbound Alabang viaduct to traffic for almost an hour because a transmission line collapsed while the fire was ongoing, the management said in a statement.

“Because of the imminent danger this situation posed to motorists, we closed both the northbound and southbound Alabang viaduct at around 9:10 AM to ensure the public’s safety,” said SLEX.

Annoyed motorists and commuters took to social media to express their rants about the heavy traffic on SLEX.


Does concrete “melt”? Here are the temperatures at which different kinds of rock becomes molten, like lava:

Also see this, and this

Here are the melting points of various metals:

Strangely, you can’t look up these objective facts without running into heated debates about a certain historical event. 

May your power poles never melt.

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