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FightBit? Device Predicts Fights Among Couples

This AI wearable device can predict arguments. It could be the precursor to eventual home couple’s therapy robots (CTRs). 

Wearables have become typecast as fitness trackers, but projects like this one show that they could have an impact on many aspects of our health and well-being.

The University of Southern California has published the results of a new study that sought to find out whether wearable devices could anticipate conflict between couples before they occur. Using machine learning techniques, the researchers were able to establish a system that could apparently capture conflict episodes with an accuracy rate of up to 86 percent.

The majority of the research was conducted outside of the lab, according to a report from TechCrunch. Couples were given wearable sensors and smartphones to record data, and asked to complete a survey every hour recording their thoughts and feelings regarding their significant other.
The wearable devices kept track of the subjects’ body temperature, heart activity, and sweat levels. This data was then cross-referenced with audio recordings, which were analyzed to gain insight into the content and intensity of speech so that the team could determine whether or not conflict had emerged.

The researchers hope to continue to develop their machine learning algorithm, in the hopes that an improved version could spot the physiological signs of conflict up to five minutes ahead of time. This functionality could potentially be made available on commercially available wearables as a stand-alone piece of software. …
In December 2016, a wearable that can counteract tremor caused by Parkinson’s disease was showcased on the BBC television program The Big Life Fix. Earlier this month, a campaign to fund a wearable that can apparently provide relief from menstrual pain launched on Indiegogo.

People weren’t as quick to jump on the smartwatch bandwagon as many manufacturers anticipated that they would be. 

However, wearables that provide tailored health services may prove more popular, if they can offer tangible improvements to their users’ quality of life.

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Suggestion: An orange flashing light on the man’s version indicating that his partner is experincing PMS would probably sell well.


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One thought on “FightBit? Device Predicts Fights Among Couples

  1. its not a surveillance device, its a wireless lie detector you wear all the…

    oh, yeah, its a surveillance device.

    Posted by codeinfig | 24 Apr 2017, 10:14 pm

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